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Project Misty- Back on!

 Here to pledge-

From Steven-We were too hot for Kickstarter, but things are much more welcoming over here!

435 Productions is the team behind the upcoming Distribpix Special Edition DVD of one of the greatest erotic films of all time, The Opening of Misty Beethoven. The beautifully restored high-definition transfer deserves a Blu-ray release to accompany the DVD. If enough fans pledge to pre-purchase our awesome reward bundles to fund the Blu-ray release by midnight on June 21, we’ll make it happen. If not, no one pays a dime.

We aren’t collecting credit card information, so if we reach our $10,000 goal, we’ll e-mail each of you an invoice for the amount you have pledged.

If funded, the dual-layer Blu-ray will contain 4-5 hours of all-HD footage, including both cuts of the film (the traditional explicit “hard” cut and the less explicit “soft” cut with additional footage), director commentary, a Behind-the-Scenes documentary, cast and crew interviews, and much more! Costs for authoring, encoding, Blu-ray licensing and replication, packaging, etc will exceed ten thousand dollars, but if we reach our goal we know there is sufficient interest to justify the cost.

Please remember that if we do not reach our $10,000 goal, than we cannot bring Misty to Blu-ray at this time!

You can read more about our rewards or get the answers to Frequently Asked Questions on the associated pages. Images and video coming VERY soon.


-Steven, Ian, and the 435 Team

Thank you!

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