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Prove your STD status 24/7- Safe Sex LIcense- the perfect gift

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STFree acts as a 3rd party entity by verifying and storing individuals STD testing information with their consent. We then provide all of our members with an ID we call the Safe Sex License (SSL). The Safe Sex License is a confidential identification card that is issued by STFree. It gives its users access to their important STD testing information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. As well as, giving potential sexual partners, with the member’s permission, access to this information.

STFree realizes how important it is for everyone to know his or her status. Important as this is, people must also understand that HIV has a window period of 3-6 months, during this period the HIV virus may not be detected. Sexually active individuals need to be tested regularly in order to truly know their status.
However, studies have proven that most people who get tested don’t return for a follow-up test. So the question is (even for individuals who do get tested), do they effectively know their status after their initial test?

STFree Services:
Storage of 1-year’s worth of STD testing information
Confidential verification ID (SSL)
24/7 nation wide access to testing history via phone
24/7 nation wide online access to testing history
Verification of testing information
Notification of scheduled testing appointments

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