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Pulse Inks Hard Art

New on the scene production studio Hard Art, and distribution giant Pulse, have closed an agreement for eight feature films per year.

COO Jeff Sharp says, “Never in my wildest dreams did I think Pulse would be willing to take a chance on a small studio trying to make a name for itself. I figured you’d need a track record just to land a sit-down with those guys.”

Sharp continues, “I got the meeting easily enough but I was prepared to hurl my massive sales-pitch at Hyland C, but he said ‘yes’ before I got the first word out!”

Hyland said, “I love high-end story line features, and the Hard Art idea stood out to me in the sea of gonzo DVDs that are put out in this market.”

“Cool,” Sharp managed to say, adding “then we shake hands and as I was leaving his office I’m thinking, ‘that went well.’”

Retailers interested in stocking Hard Art titles please contact Hyland C. at [email protected] and (818) 435-1615, or an IVD Sales Representative.

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