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Puma Swede on reality TV

Blonde bombshell Puma Swede apparently pisses off some hot housewives who don’t want the competition. They don’t seem to want her to appear on their reality show called something like Swedish Housewives of Hollywood  or Swedish Hollywood Wives … despite the fact that having Puma Swede on the show, even for a brief time gives them a rather nice ratings boost.

They claim their problem is that they don’t want a porn star on what they claim is family television.  The truth? Well we all know the truth. Take a look at any of the 5 main cast members and you can figure that out for yourself. LOL



Puma Swede’s Appearances on ”Swedish Hollywood Wives” Outrages Swedish Celebs

Sweden’s #1 adult star and always busy blonde bombshell Puma Swede is making headlines and waves in Sweden after her appearances on popular primetime Swedish reality TV show ”Swedish Hollywood Wives” – a show centered around well known Swedish celebrity wives with rich american husbands.  One of the stars includes Brit Ekland…Peter Seller’s ex-wife who had a highly publicized relationship with Rod Stewart.

Puma’s presence on the show has offended two Swedish celebs – sparking debate if porn stars should be on ”family” television.

Swedish actress Gunilla Persson lashed out that Puma’s work in porn was the work of ”Satan” and ”Sodom & Gommorrah” and had no place in a ”family” television show.

Anna Anka (wife of famed composer Paul Anka) has hit out to the press that Puma Swede should not be on the show because of younger viewers and accusing the show of ”moral decay” in an interview that can be seen here: &

Puma is quoted as saying ”It’s funny to see myself in the headlines for being in a reality TV show.  It’s not like I have sex on camera during the shows.  Anna Anka said in the show it’s the job of a wife to give her husband a blowjob in the morning… but somehow my career is offensive.  I am glad that mainstream shows are finally letting adult stars on primetime. It’s about time.”

Puma has been on mainstream TV frequently in recent weeks with appearances on Bobbi Eden’s show ”Dubbel D in LA” currently on Dutch mainstream TV.  She  was also ”Skankenstein” on an episode of ”Sons Of Anarchy” this season (in a scene with Jenna Jameson).

Puma recently released her successful autobiography “Puma Swede, My Life as a Porn Star”  (published by Lind & Co.) available at ITunes, Amazon, in soft cover here) and in Swedish here.   Her Official Site was nominated by XBIZ for Best Performer Website 2014.  She is part of the popular VNA Girls Network of Sites with other established stars such as Vicky Vette, Julia Ann, Sara Jay, Siri & Nikki Benz.  She is also working on her own line of adult toys.

Puma Swede can also be seen weekly via webcam at her official site most Tuesdays and she can be followed on twitter @pumaswede.


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