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Pure Vanilla Loses Its Merchant Account

Read this GFY thread and tell me what you think.

Kevin Blatt posts:

Speculation is just that. People can speculate all they want, but no one knows the situation at hand. Only employees are privy to this confidential information.

This is a unique situation, and one that I hope can be fixed very soon.
My affiliates know that I work my ass off for them, and every one of them knows they get paid on time.

Last night J$tyle$ and I were having dinner with Berg from Red Light and Mark from Blazing Bucks after the Anti -Piracy meeting. J told me he had received a call from a webmaster who he referred to pV two mos ago ( and never got set up or integrated in my system) The webmaster makes a comment to J$tyle$ that “he is glad he didn’t go with pV as an option”

J$tyle$ told this particular webmaster ” why? you are stupid for not getting up with them mos ago and making $$$ from all the free sales they were sending!”

To which Blazing Bucks Mark and Jon (Red Light)Berg both agreed- they are also two of my great affiliates who have been making money as well as my friends.

Everyone who knows me and endured me calling on them, knows what I told them over a year and half ago.

My pitch was simple, in addition to selling the strengths of having an anonymous biller I told each and every one of my affiliates ” Look, this company is well funded, and while the business model is different , as long as we are paying and sending you traffic, what do u have to lose?”

I know this company has done everything they said they would do from the beginning for not only myself but affiliates as well.

I have been working as the VP of Sales for this company and have been working with them for over a year and a half. I am NOT their Marketing person or PR guy as many here are saying. Our VP of Marketing is Kathy Kennedy and many here have dealt with her.

Anyone who knows me, and knows what I do, should realize that’s quite a feat for me to be not only an EMPLOYEE, but one that has been there for over a year and a half! When I started with pV we didn’t have one customer.
That is 100% true. When you look at the list of participating websites on my site, that is all of my hard work.

I believe we can resolve this problem, and if we cannot- I will be the first to wave the white flag, surrender, and thank everyone for the opportunity to pay them off of FREE traffic we sent them lol!

This isn’t over, and while it may not look too good for pV right now- I know intelligent webmasters will always come back.

This is a very forgiving business, and we are not like other payment companies who lost their processing and stiffed everyone- all of our affiliates are paid up to date and will continue getting paid on future sales off of accounts that still have funds and ACH, which is exactly where I was at a year and a half ago when we didn’t have a credit card mid.

I thank everyone for their support and patience through this hard time and I look forward to hopefully making a post soon that is more optimistic.

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