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Put Bush on a short yellow bus & Legalize Pot

An Act of Desperation: Guilt by Association

by 42nd ST Pete from his Myspace page

That last debate was a complete snooze fest. McCain was wandering around stage like a lost geriatric paitient. Now he is playing the “guilt by association ” card as he brings up the Ayers thing again . Fuckin pathetic campaigning. Palin says Obama sees a “different ” America than the rest of us. Bitch, you live in a state that has 6 months of darkness. You also have legal pot up there to get you through that six months.

McCain keeps pushing the Obama/terrorist thing. John, you have supported home grown terrorism in your support for Bush, a man who has terrorised the people of this country for 8 years. Now, under the republican watch, we are broke. Pension funds gone, stocks you can wipe your ass with, and everybody scared. I never bought into the “save and invest for your retirment” hype. Those who did just learned a painfull lesson. I knew I’d wind up broke and I’ve been ready for it. Not too many people can say the same. If I live long enough to collect social security, it would just about buy a weeks worth of groceries.

One thing I’m curious about is where the two candidates stand on legalising Marijuana. If they legalised it, taxed it, they would 1, knock off the national debt in about 4 years, 2 put one or two cartels out of business. Time to face facts, it is less harmful than alcohol, it is one of the only crops actually grown here, and it’s a benificial plant. The illegality of it was a rider attached to a bill passed in the 30’s . Dupont in Deleware pushed the bill because they came up with nylon rope. Rope used to be made of hemp. So did clothing , oil, and other stuff. Millionare Dupont didn’t want anything interfering with his nylon business so him and his buddies attached a rider to a bill and made it illegal. Drug companies suport this because they don’t want you growing a benificial herb in your backyard. It all comes down to money.

So, if it’s money, the time for legalization is now. It’s not a gateway drug like some midwestern states point out. Those same states are dotted with meth labs and you think that’s better? Pull your heads out of your asses. Half of the dumb shit that is illegal could be making the government money instead of just ass raping the middle class for every nickel. You would think the govenment would want us all buzzed and happy, that way we wouldn’t feel it as much when they butt fuck us.

As far as the election goes, we can’t hire the handicapped anymore. Eight years of a retard was enough. He should leave office on a short, yellow bus. McCain is just as bad and is now stooping as low as he can to keep things swirling around the bowl. This election is like watching a really bad world series, you just want it to be over and you don’t care who wins. Some people claim that if Obama wins, we will be attacked the next day. Could be, our borders are so open that if a million Mexicans can sneak in, why not a couple of hundred suicide bombers? And who’s fault is that? On who’s watch was this allowed to happen? DUH, you all know the answer.

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