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PWL Down & Up Barely

PornWikiLeaks was down all day yesterday. If you typed in their addy it took you to  It is back up today but a mere shell with much of the data lost because it wasn’t backed up since June. The rumor is it has been moved to a new server. There is an out and out war going on between PWL and those against them.

I told you about Tara of FreePornStarPix having posts all over PWL. Some of them are unbelieveable, she says the reason that PWL released all the names was because of Mike South’s campaign against them. Thing is, PWL released the info long ago, before Mike was even involved.  When I called her out yesterday, she threatened me with lawsuits and said she was calling every police & government agency you can think of to report me. She also reported Mike South to everyone in Atlanta.

Tara mentioned on one of her posts to Mike that she had a brain lesion. Could this be the reason for her erratic behavior?

I’m not going to go into all the craziness that went on yesterday, but it was an exciting day. You can follow a lot of it on twitter, and by reading &  Check out my timeline for all the threats made against me by various PWL posters at and feel free to have my back  ?


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