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PWL Update- Good Stuff!

Donny’s money maker has been down since yesterday, and he is not spending time spreading hate on twitter like he usually does. I’m guessing he is scrambling to get his site back up.

Gossip around is that pornstar loving hackers, who have been following the fight against PWL have taken up the side of the good guys.

I’ve heard Donny’s side it down to just 2 mods, Robocop & Tor, all the rest have either dissappeared or defected to the good guy side. In general he has no posters either, except himself & his hundred aliases.

He has traffic of around 200 visits a day. I would say 1/2 of that is him and the other 1/2 is people who hate him checking up on what he is doing.

Things aren’t looking so good for the Donkey…

Donny has PWL up for sale for $50,000 according to anyone buying that would be out of their minds. Id be like buying a nest of poisonous snakes.

The fight continues, thanks to all who stood up for the case!


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