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Q & A Exclusive with Evan Seinfeld- Part 2

by Al Blanco

 Evan Seinfeld, Musician, actor. pornstar & husband of Tera Patrick


AL:  I’ve noticed that out of all the places in NYC, natives of Brooklyn have the strongest identity and connection with their borough.  What was BK like when you were growing up and how do you see it differently than what it is now?  Also, what part of BK are you from, a wild guess and I would say Williamsburgh?
  Evan:  When I was growing up in Brooklyn, East New York, Canarsie, Flatbush, etc., it was very generational and neighborhoods were all either Italian, Irish, Jewish, Black Puerto Rican etc. Now it is kinda gentrified and clean. It looks a lot nicer now, but it has lost it’s flavor. When the wiseguys were visible there was a lot more old school respect.  Tera and I have a place in Williamsburgh, but it is full of wannabe artsy nerds.
A:  (Evan is definitely right about Williamsburgh, but Williamsburgh used to be some real rough shit.) 

A;  Were you a mack growing up or were you more the shy type?
E:  I always managed to get a lot of really high end trim, since I was about 13. Chalk it up to game, because it may not be my matinee idol looks.  Chicks love the bad boys, the rockers, and in the end guys who are real. Never was much of throwing down a “rap”.  I always thought guys who told chicks bullshit were the weakest. My approach has always been direct, and very effective. I never had to or ever would “pretend” to like a chick for more than sex if i wasn’t really into her. There is nothing wrong with saying, “wow, you have an incredible ass, we should really be fucking right now.. wanna take a walk to the ladies room?” Nothing pains me more than games. No time for nonsense. Now I love being married to Tera, she is my soulmate.  Getting to bang chicks on camera for my website and our Teravison and Iron Cross movies is just a great NSA bonus.
A:  (That’s whats up!)
A:  To be tatted up like you were back in the day really meant something.  How old were you when you got your first tattoo and what was your motivation?  In the Jewish faith getting tattoos is looked down upon (due to the Holocaust) was your family upset at that?

E.  My family was pretty upset, I was 18 and just started Biohazard. My first tattoo was a Biohazard symbol, I lived on my own, so I never showed my parents. One day my dad stopped by my apt, and I was doing pushups with my shirt off.  He saw that i was half sleeved and had my chest and back tattooed, he handled it pretty well. I think that modern Jews are a lot more lenient about those kind of cultural judgements. I don’t really care what anyone thinks about me anyway. I always laugh at hypocritical Jews who obey all these rules, but are scoundrels in their daily life. I don’t believe in religion, but I do believe in karma, so don’t judge me, lest ye be judged.
A:  (good point)

A:  I read you are a cousin of Jerry Seinfeld, is that true?  If so, what was he like back in the days?
 E:  We are second cousins, our grandfathers were brothers and came over to this country from Europe together,  but I never met him. I even had to buy tickets to his show in Vegas for Tera’s bday, and I left a message for him to wish her a happy bday either backstage or on stage and he didn’t reply. My family all thinks he is a scumbag, but hey, to each their own.  I loved his show, and his standup is pretty funny.  Tera loves his humor too, I heard we were at a Bar Mitzvah together, but once again I never met the guy. If you see him, tell him to hit up his cousin.
A:  (LOL, I may have the writing game on lock but I don’t think Jerry is gonna take my calls either)

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