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Q & A With Cassandra Cruz


L.A. Direct News sits down with the sexy Latina Adult Star Cassandra Cruz, and Cassandra discusses her adult and upcoming mainstream career.

L.A. Direct News: When did you start in the adult industry?
Cassandra:  May 2006.  It was with Mike Sullivan for Frank Wank.  It wasn’t what I expected. I was expecting a young, hot blonde guy and he said ‘no, it’s with me,’ but it was a good scene, and we’ve stayed friends since.

L.A. Direct News: What’s your favorite scene that you’ve done so far?
Cassandra: There’s been so many, but any of my dominatrix scenes have been so fun to do.

L.A. Direct News: Who are your favorite performers to work with?

Cassandra: I hate that question. I like guys that are good performers and who enjoy me. I like tall white guys that are into me.

L.A. Direct News: Do you prefer to work on features and parodies or gonzos?

Cassandra: It depends. I enjoy the scripts and acting, but some are kind of corny. I enjoy “real acting.”  Some features that aren’t corny are better.

L.A. Direct News:  You are an incredible performer. How much of your personal, sexual life comes across on camera, and how much of your on camera sex life comes home with you in your personal life?
Cassandra: I put way more effort into my work. At home, I’m more laid back. When you’re at home, it’s more about companionship.

L.A. Direct News: Do you think that a career in adult film can hinder you from working in the mainstream world?
Cassandra: That’s a BIG YES! It has and it’s unfortunate. It doesn’t make you a bad person to make the movies we make. I have brains and I can contribute more to the world than just porn. I’m good at a lot of things. I’d love to work a lot more in television and mainstream films. Squatters was my first mainstream movie, and I got my first SAG check. I had a scene with Thomas Dekker for director Martin Weisz. I was very nervous but I got my own little trailer and they treated me really great. I’d love to do more. I get really intimidated around mainstream actors but everybody from the director to the assistants assured me that I did a great job.

L.A. Direct News: When you have a long day and night on the set, what do you do to keep your scenes “fresh and energetic?”

Cassandra: I just know that when the camera comes on, I turn it on. I would have to say that it’s easier to not have a relationship with someone in porn. It affects how you act on camera sometimes and you don’t want that to affect the person you’re with.

L.A. Direct News: Latina women are so passionate and fiery in their scenes on camera. What is it about Latina women that make them such great lovers?

Cassandra: I don’t know. A lot of Latin women are actually submissive and want to please.  I was raised in a strict household and look at me now – wow!

L.A. Direct News: What changes, good or bad, have you noticed in the adult industry since you started?

Cassandra:  I see a lot more free porn and that negatively affects me and really everybody in porn. I’ve been in the industry for six years and I think it’s less extreme now – it’s not as wild as it used to be. My first scene that I did for LA Direct was a double vag cream pie and I don’t think girls are normally sent out to do that when they first start out LOL.

L.A. Direct News: What’s your favorite item of clothing in your closet?

Cassandra: I have A LOT of shoes, but I don’t have a favorite. If I could wear nothing, I would LOL. If I could be naked all the time, I would.

L.A. Direct News: What do you do in “free time” off camera?

Cassandra:  I go on hikes, play with my dog and cat and watch TV. I like girlie stuff like getting massages, manicures and pedicures. Although I like the  girlie stuff, I’m also an outdoors person too.

L.A. Direct News: What is your streammate site?

L.A. Direct News: Where can people follow you?


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