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Q & A with Our Ruby on her “Privates”

Ruby jokingly wrote me that she heard I wanted to interview an old whore and she volunteered. I wouldn’t call her either of those, old, or whore. More like a Milf pornstar/escort. But I appreciate her offer. So here’s a little interview on “Ruby’s Privates”

Following your comments on my site, along with what you write on your blog, I get the idea that you are conflicted about doing anymore porn movies. Seems like on one hand you would like to do some more movies (you mention you would like to work for Stagliano), and on the other hand you say you aren’t doing anymore porn and that’s it.  I would think it’s a hard decision to make, and I’d like to hear what you are thinking about concerning that?
 I wouldn’t say conflicted, never say never, I miss it sometimes, especially when I’m doing massive loads of laundry. I would still do a scene for John. My husband wouldn’t want me shooting all the time, he might let me do something special at a later date, but I don’t know. I don’t think the business would be as fun as it used to be. I may eventually do something on my own, something real, but I’m pretty wrapped up in being mom.

You are quite open about doing privates, does your family know that you do that? Do neighbors or non-industry friends know? I’ve heard you mention that you were a nympho. Where you kidding around, or do you feel you have an abnormally high sex drive?
I’ve always had an ultra high sex drive, and it’s still in gear, I still cum with penetration only. My family knows what they always have, that I work in the sex industry, it doesn’t generally go beyond that. I might go back to the wild horse for a “hooker vacation” after all kids are had.

All of my close friends know what I do, right now I’m on hyatus, with all the female trouble, and wanting to conceive again, so I’m only dancing 2 hrs a night and phone sex on the side. 

How do you base your charges? Is it by the hour, or by the act?
My donations vary, depending on time or activity, I would never do something that I didn’t like or made me uncomfortable. I find something attractive about most people.

Tell me about the most fun you have ever had on a call!

Most fun? I was taken to Hawaii once, and I love the atmostphere and comeraderie of a brothel, a nice one.

What is the weirdest thing a client ever asked you to do?
Weirdest thing? Everyone has a little kink in them, some more than others. I don’t role play when I work, unless I’m domming, and you don’t fuck subs, in the traditional way anyway.

Have you ever gotten to a call and turned around and left? Why?

I never left a call, never had a problem, at the brothel if you don’t like what you see you don’t approach.

Do girls ever hire you?  Couples?
 I did several couples at the brothel, not so much with privates.

Do you have a sexual fantasy that you haven’t done yet?
Everyone has sexually fantasies the haven’t done yet, myself included. I have done most though. I want certain fantasies to stay fantasies.

Describe the strangest looking penis you have ever seen.
Strangest penis?  One looked like a thumb, and I had to tie on the condom with a hair elasic, one was so thick at the base I felt like a virgin.  Ruby

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