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Quarantined Talent taken off of AIM’s website

By Sharon Michell of

It has come to our attention that Adult Industry Companies are concerned that they may be shooting someone who is on the quarantine list. AIM has taken steps to insure that this does not happen.

We have taken the names of all the talent who are waiting for their next test date (and not working in between), off of our website database for the time being. This way if you do not see a name of a person you wish to shoot on the site, don’t use them, or at least call our office, as there is an explanation.

Also, at this time we are not recommending that production managers accept any copies of tests, even if it looks like an original, better to be safe than sorry and call the offices, allow us make sure it’s authentic.

Bear in mind that everyone who has been exposed is being extremely cooperative, and patient. There are no positive tests from exposures thus far, and AIM does not expect any. It is not as easy for a man to contract HIV from a women, and at this time, we are not sure that this was indeed a work place exposure, as AIM investigates all private and industry partners. We are not recommending that anyone cancel a shoot schedule. Rumour is not Fact.

Yes, we are in cooperation with the HIV Epidemiology Department of Los Angeles, as we always have been since our inception in 1998. Thank You so much for your patience, and tolerance.

AIM Board of Directors will more than likely call a press conference to clear up rumors, and outrageous accusations later this week. Please keep checking this website for the facts on this issue. We have always, and will continue to have your best interest at hand. Thank you for your support.

Dr. Sharon Mitchell

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