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Question For Donny Pauling About His Speeches

Wackojacko writes on JBM: “You are out of the biz but seems are you are still profiting from it at 2k a speech. Does all this money go to charity or your own pocket?”

Donny responds:

The religious have been raging against pornography for as long as it has existed. It grows consistently. Do you really think I can make a dent in your income? Come on now.

I’ve said, many many many times, that I am NOT against those who publish pornography. I wish more of those in the media who interview me would publish that part of my interview.

I’ve said over and over again that all of us were given the right to do as we wish. Even God himself gave us the free will to do as we wish.

My goal is to educate those that listen to me speak about the realities of the business. I take away a lot of the fantasy of porn and replace it with reality. Those who consume it should be responsible consumers, and that requires an education about what it is they really support when they whip out that card or click that link.

By all means, continue to make your own decisions, my friend. You have the right to do so, and I will support that right until the day I die.

Donny received this email:

actually donny i give you props for being fairly slick.


you play up the “i’m a christian” part. you make sure to keep in contact with those you now “pray” for (if you don’t get it then i’m talking about those that sell porn). and the best part, you CASH in on all of this.

damn boy, do i see the next Jim Bakker before me?

you know when you first said that you “found” god (oh and by the way, where was god and what does god look like….just so i know in case i run into this “god”), i was all for your decision. you know – whatever makes a person happy type thing even though it goes against my beliefs.

then you started in with this whole ex gf thing and that just creeped me the fuck out. i had visions of jack nicholson from the shinning with him using the ax to get into the bathroom door (sans donny). you started losing me at this point because i really started to question whether or not you were really “christian”.

but now i get it – you are the true american capitalist. if you aren’t going to make money in porn (and you were doing VERY well for yourself), then you sure as hell (oops said that word – oh well i’ll be there soon enough so…) are going to make it on the extreme opposite end of the spectrum. kudos to you for making money anyway you can.

however, how many times and how may people are going to hurt and drag down along the way? don’t say you’re not because in a very real sense – you are.

i have no problem with someone who wants to believe in something – something where it helps them get through the day. what i have a problem with is fake, bullshit, self appointed, propoganda. and that is what you are doing my friend. you are USING those around you for your OWN BENEFIT and i don’t believe that god, jesus or mary, for that matter, would find it amusing.

i have read your blog, i actually enjoyed your writings even though i don’t agree with your beliefs, and i really wanted to believe that you believed what you had written. however, i have now come to the conclusion that it’s fake and it sickens me.

Donny responds: “My self esteem is often in direct proportion to how much money I’m making. Not necessarily because I want to have money in the bank, but because I want to feel like I am worth something.”

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