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[email protected]_Adventures_ With Coronavirus a Job-Killer, Tami Rose Advises a Side Hustle @BSGPR


Tami Rose, owner/operator of Romantic Adventures adult boutique in Jackson, Mississippi, is stepping into the growing trend of the ‘side hustle’ as COVID-19 puts a pause on retail and service jobs – and she says “you should too!”

With millions in isolation under Stay-at-Home orders, Rose says that now is the time for people to be learning valuable new skills, improving their future career options and finding ways to make extra money while their regular jobs are in limbo.

Comparing Romantic Adventures’ day-to-day with her side hustle as a freelance writer, Rose says that “when I hit the door of my business, I never know which way the day is going to go: employee drama, supply chain complications and sales tax deadlines all have to be juggled… but in the quiet morning hours, the writing feels very pure and Zen.”

As she rides out the store’s momentary deceleration, Rose is focusing on her online shop; she has “improved the SEO in a completely white hat, Google-approved way, cultivating web revenue and traffic at The adult space is very competitive, so it’s nice that I have found a way through the clutter that I really enjoy doing.”

Rose adds that when it comes to making positive life changes, there’s no better time than NOW. “We are going to have quite a bit of time off in the coming weeks, and we’ve got the Internet… learning new things, pursuing long-held interests and forging a new direction, a new part-time job or possible future career has never been easier. Go get your hustle on!”

To learn more about the Romantic Adventures, visit and follow on Twitter @R_Adventures_.

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