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Rabbits Reviews Award Noms Time

The new year is finally upon us, which means it’s once again time for Rabbit’s Reviews to hand out our annual awards. The last two years, our Best of The Web Awards acknowledged the most exciting, funniest and hottest sites you can find on the Internet. This year, we’ve changed the name to the RISE Awards, but the focus is still the same. We know that scores alone don’t determine great sites, so we look to recognize and honor those sites and performers that deserve the recognition. And like every year before, we’re asking you to help us decide who should take home the prizes.

Hurry Up and pick your favorites Nominations close Jan 20th
Once the long list has been determined, our writing and editorial staff will whittle the selection down to four or five nominees for each category. We’ll announce the finalists on January 25th and after a week-long judging process, the winners will be revealed in March.

Without further adieu, here are the categories. Good luck to everyone.
*Sites need to have been reviewed in the last year and actively updating (at least one new scene added in the last 90 days) to be eligible, unless noted otherwise.

Site of The Year: Formerly known as our Reviewer’s Choice Award, this goes to the site that puts together the complete package. From presentation to usability to action to bonuses, if there was only one site you could join this year, this would be it.
Past winner: Naughty America (2011)

Holy Shit Award: Previously known as Most Extreme, this award will go the site that most consistently produces material that gives you pause. We’re talking about the kind of material that makes our writing staff stop what they’re doing and call over everyone to take a look. From super-sized insertions to abusive behavior to prolapsed orifices and much more, this content isn’t for the faint of heart.
Past winner: Facial Abuse (2010)

Oscar Quality Award: This will be awarded to the site that produces the best content in terms of production value/story/acting… the works.
Past winner: Wicked Pictures (2010)

Sweetest Deal Award:
You only got a few dollars to your name and you want to get as much good porn as you can lay your hands on. Where do you go? Formerly our “Best Bang For Your Buck” award, this will go to the site that overwhelms your senses without breaking the bank.
Past winners: Fame Digital (2010)

Most Cleverly Named Site: What’s in a name? For the winner of this award, it’s everything. They might make you chuckle, but they definitely inform you of what can be expected.
Past winners: Everything Butt (2010), Out In Public (2011)

Most Original Premise: It’s difficult to stand out amongst the endless sea of porn sites, but the winner of this award presents a premise or angle that is so unique and striking that you won’t soon forget it.
Past winners: Crygasm (2010), Naked News Anchors (2011)

Rookie of The Year: This goes to the starlet who has introduced herself to the wonderful world of online pornography and grabbed everyone’s attention.

Best Boobs Award: The winner of this prestigious award has a rack that could stop traffic on the highway. Whether they’re real or fake, we’re looking for a set of tits that should be the standard by which all other tits are judged by. All eligible performers must be the featured star of their site.
Past winners: Kelly Madison (2010), Zuzia (2011)

Hottest Butt Award:
Another self-explanatory category, this is awarded to the starlet who has the prettiest posterior. Make no mistake about it, whether it’s pert and petite or round and plush, you won’t forget this babe’s backside. All eligible performers must be the featured star of their site.
Past winners: Vanilla Deville (2010), Alexis Texas (2011)

Tastiest Gay Torso Award: This will go to the stud with the sweetest overall combination of chest, abs, crotch and ass. The winner of this award can’t help but make you drool a little out of the side of your mouth. All eligible performers must be the featured star of their site.
Amateur Site of The Year: With alarming regularity, the winner of this award cranks out one hot amateur after another, much to our enjoyment.
Past winner: Step 1 Models (2011)

Tranny Site of The Year: This will be awarded to the site that has consistently produced the hottest trannies online.

Most Intense Lesbian Scenes: The angle for our lesbian award this year is to feature the site with the most engaging, intense and believable scenes. From intense eye contact to constant moving and everything in between, the chemistry on display at the winning site is so undeniable that you can’t help but break into a sweat just watching it.
Superstar BBW Award: This will go to the plus-sized hottie that has the complete package, including charm and charisma at the beginning of a scene to skill and ability in the middle and end.

MILF/Mature of The Year:
We love our MILFs and this award will go to the most charismatic MILF/mature performer who is the featured star of their site.
Fiercest Femdom Award: This will be go to the site that features the fiercest, most aggressive Femdom online. These harsh disciplinarians ride their subjects hard, just the way you like it.

Best Rope Work: Our bondage award this year focuses on ropes, specifically those intricate and inventive configurations that dazzle the eyes. The amount of time, creativity and effort put in will impress even the most vanilla of surfers. The site has to have been reviewed in the last two years and actively updates.

Most Exciting Orgy Site:This will be awarded to a group sex site reviewed in the last year that is actively updating and features parties you’d most want to attend. The atmosphere, the camaraderie and, most importantly, the sex presented on the winning site will having you wished you could magically put yourself there.

Best Community: This will be awarded to a site reviewed at any time that actively updates and provides a true online community for its members. No dating sites. The site must have at a minimum of 20 active member contributions/contributors in the past week. Preference goes to sites that feature admin interaction, the ability to create

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