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Rabbit’s Reviews Updates Their Reviewing Criteria

The Director of Marketing, Doug says in an email to me- “I just wanted to drop you a press release about the official launch of our brand new rating criteria and rankings of paysites. There’s been a bit of flack about this on the boards already, suggesting our content quality scoring sets too high a bar for full marks. Truth be told, over 2% of sites listed are able to get full marks. That, and now webmasters can figure 90% of their scoring by themselves before they even submit. We’re the most transparent review criteria out there, I think, at least for sites with solid traffic.

RabbitsReviews Unveils New Porn Site Rankings

October 4, 2011 — One of the most transparent critiques of modern day porn sites has finally been released by the industry leader in adult site information: Since 2003, the site has operated with the same basic criteria. Those criteria have now been completely revamped, allowing for more transparency and accuracy. It also enables users seeking the highest video qualities to find those sites quickly and easily.

Tube sites, with their enormous amounts of free content and easy-to-use interfaces, dominate the landscape,î said Mantas M, owner of RabbitsReviews. Paysites today must be at the cutting edge and more competitive to be able to charge consumers and survive in the long run. As such, we here at Rabbit’s decided that it was time to change how we review sites.

Key changes to the criteria were the replacement of hard-to-quantify categories like Design and Navigation with a Usability score where key factors are outlined for everyone to see. Main categories like Content Amount and Content Quality increased from 10 to 15 points to allow for greater differentiation between sites. The Value score was redone to include a calculation that takes content amount, quality and price into consideration. To reflect user interest in both downloadable and streaming videos, five points are now given for each, and a Features score was added to point out common traits that most high-quality sites seem to share. These changes will result in scores decreasing for the bulk of our sites.

You will notice that the score for an ‘average’ site will decrease slightly from what it used to be under the previous criteria,” said Mantas. The fact remains that while the ceiling has risen for what makes a truly great site, not everyone is caught up.

Site owners are encouraged to check their listings for accuracy and submit/resubmit their sites for updates should there be any issues.

You can see the new criteria here:

RabbitsReviews is the most read adult review site, with close to three million readers every month. The site features the largest collection of complete, unbiased paysite reviews.† The company has been in business since 2003 and employs 20 full-time employees.

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