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Rachelle Laree Brings Home the GOLD! (g-string that is)

Story by Tony Batman of

photos by Paul Michaels Photography

Using her Indiana Jones theme, Laree went in search of the Golden G String using almost every “Indiana Jones” prop any movie buff could think of. A cave backdrop, yes she made a cave out of the clubs stage, She came from behind the cave in a full Indy getup with a lot of sexy to it….The jacket, pants, hat, and of course the whip.

She was looking for the g-string and when she saw it, grabbed a rope that was hanging from the ceiling and swung across the stage to get it…. Rachelle grabs the g-string and as everyone is going crazy, cheering there is a loud “BOOM” and coming out of the cave is a 5 foot boulder that knocks her down, the g-string goes flying out of her hand….and then show begins….

Rachelle didn’t have to search for the Golden G-string for long… She WON the overall  gold medal and the Golden G-string Award. Congrads Rachelle!
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