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Rachelle & Tony do Wisconsin

Some observations from the Midwest
by Tony Batman of

Last week I was in Des Moines Iowa and this week I am in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Having lived in the Los Angeles are for the past few years I have gotten used to the way things are there. Traveling the country will break your little “This is the only place on earth attitude” quickly.

 We all go to the State fair,  they resurrected the Charlie Daniels Band to play “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” one more time. The rest of the fair was not as exciting as sawing on a fiddle and making it hot. But we did take the time to check out the animal barn where you can really learn a lot about: 1. a goats anal opening 2. The force at which a large cow can piss downward and best of all, 3. Animal shit trapped in a hot building smells really bad.

I loved the Wisconsin state fair.

Next night it was to  On the Border Club to tape some of Feature Entertainer Rachelle Laree shows.  She puts on one hell of an exciting dance exhibition during her circus like shows. We are in the car and driving to the club when we see a motorcycle cop put his lights on and zoom ahead of us, once we catch up to him at the streetlight we could not believe our eyes. This Wisconsin trooper has pulled over a guy driving a golf cart. I wonder what the law is about driving to the store in your golf cart.

We get to the club and the crowd is going  wild for the show, and then for the prizes Rachelle throws to them. I have to thank DJ Sean for all the great promo. We love to hear the A! Entertainment name called out all over the country.

All in all we had a great time in Wisconsin, the fair, the club; the people were sure an experience we will never forget. Thank you to Rachelle Laree ( ) for inviting us and the On the Border Club ( ) for all of your hospitality, oh and all the drinks too. We will be back!!

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