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Randy Kaupos, Another Scam?

NL- This is an email I received and the opinions are that of the writer.

Randy Kaupos involved with ANOTHER new agency
Hello Luke,
I am an adult actress with some inside knowledge about  Randy Kaupos and who he is now  involved with now. I have had my own dealing with Randy or Dean or whatever he wants to call himself now. Ive known him a few years back and I figured he would either be dead from someone taking him out for screwing over so many people or in jail, but I guess not. But I just found your posts and do know from information from my girlfriend that he is using this loaded Indian guy named Sam Raman or Sam Ram or whatever the fuck he is from Vegas as a front for his business dealings since no way he can get a license so you are right. He has stiffed a lot of people and I hear he is also doing something trying to send girls to some foreign country from what I hear some were telling me on set recently. This guy is bad news.  This Sam guy had to get bonded and licensed and they are now operating as out of some warehouse in Vegas but I know Randy is really running the show and Sam is just his front bitch.The info is on their website.
Recently they tried to force one of my girlfriends who they hired as one of their girls that was trying to tell them that she couldn’t work because she was having a herpes outbreak and they told her that she was already booked and that she needed to be there and do the scenes at all costs or they were going to charge her. She showed me the texts from Sam and I was like Holy Fuck! But she told me that she was mainly dealing with this Sam guy and his girlfriend Mandy. They have all these goons running around trying to recruit girls as the next pornstars such a fucking joke. You can google their tweets and read what these idiots write. Sam told her they were involved in some new technology thing and that they were connected with all the major companies and that sounds like typical Randy BS! When I googled this xxxvegasmodels they have a bunch of ads on sexyjobs and a bunch of other sites looking for starlets…lmfao.
When I recently talked to her I  asked her what they were paying her after I found out she signed with them she said it was like a few hundred dollars for like a bunch of scenes and I told her she is getting screwed and she shouldnt do it. She said that her contract was like 7 pages long and requires that xxxvegasmodels gets paid first and then the girls get paid, you know what they are doing right, charging WAY more and paying the girls shit fees. Yup Randy is back!!!  No real manager gets paid first, the girls get their money then they pay their cut to the managers, everybody knows that. I think Randy is back to his old ways under this Sam guy and wouldnt surprise me if this Sam guy and him are dealing dope. Luke you need to blast them out so people can be aware that Randy is really running the show and its just another one of his many scams. This Sam sounds like he is another douche bag in this industry, like we really need another one.

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