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Randy Kaupos Has a New “Accomplice”-UPDATE

UPDATE- Riley contacts me today (Feb 18th) to let me know that she knew nothing about Randy’s past until she read it all on this site. She has nothing to do with him now and he ripped her off for $800.


NL-From a  Reader, all her opinion, not mine.


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Thank you for agreeing to post this without anyone knowing who I am. Rick Swedish is a really bad guy, He has threatened me stole from me
and tried to pimp out my friend while charging her to live in a model house.

Title: Randy Kaupos + Riley  = iKandiTalent

I would like to warn girls of a new “Agency” that Randy Kaupos (a.k.a. Rick Swedish) is involved in with another known criminal. Granted, his
new partner is a 23 year old kid Riley that probably doesn’t know exactly who he is involved with because he is based out
of Tampa. With Randy residing in California with no car and no money, it is likely that they have never met in person. But who knows after
looking up his partner, my mother always said something about birds of a feather, flock together… And they both are felons, so draw your
own conclusion.

Ladies, DO NOT sign with IKandiTalent. It is owned by a very bad person. You will end up completely screwed; and not the paid kind. You
will just be left broke and emotionally screwed up like my friends.

Also, He is not the man in the photos on twitter/facebook. He uses a fake name and fake pictures.

His names are: Randy Kaupos, Randy Creighton, Randy Dean, Dick Johnson, and now Rick Swedish.

His so called “Productions” that he probably doesn’t pay his girls on or worse is the male talent for:

Adult Talent Management Company with Riley
Adult Web Site production paintballxxxgirls.comwith Riley
Adult Web Site production camoxxxgirls.comwith Riley
Adult Web Site production with Riley
Adult Web Site production collegebeerpongxxx.comwith Riley
Adult Web Site Production girlzintogirlz.comwith Riley

Randy:  9999 Foothill Blvd  Rancho Cucamonga Ca.


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