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Randy Spears/Demi Delia Divorcing !

From Demi Delia’s myspace blog


MOMMY XXX ….what is it?

I just wrapped last weekend on the filming of the sizzle reel for my new reality show MOMMY XXX. We shot a bunch of really great stuff. You’ll have to wait and see when it comes out.

It will first air as a webisode on which is owned by Sony.

Im very excited, its a look into my everyday life as a real life mother with my kids, there friends, my pornstar roommates and friends.

My house is always very busy, shoots going on in my home weekly, porn girls always at my house and young boys new to my buisness living at my house and im helping them thru there career.

How I juggle my porn career and being a Mom. Randy Spears will make some appearances as we go thru our divorce and remain best friends.

Its going to be good!!! As we film I will update you.
I am rebuilding my website Hopefully by Sept 2008 it will be up and updated weekly.

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