Randy West Needing Work?



Well someone found Randy and asked him about this and according to him, it’s a hoax. he is happy in his retirement, playing golf and living the good life in Vegas…I’m glad to hear that.


He posts on GFY:

” I’m looking for gigs/stunk cocking

I need some work, and my world famous cock is ready to roll! Looking for all solo/BG/BGG/BGG+ scenes, price is negotiable.

Contact me either here or drop me an email at [email protected]

People who know him say yes its him because of his “stunk cocking” headline.

Sad thing is that Randy is a legend in this biz and at his age he is for whatever reason resorting to this.  It was long rumored that his “world famous” cock only worked when injected with caverject. Of course nowdays thats no big deal, everyone it seems uses pharmaceuticals to get hard (except for me)

But truth is I aqm hearing that rates are dropping fast in L.A. and that while many companies will pay whatever rates are asked most performers will work for less than half what they ask for rate wise. Male talent is lucky to get 1/3 of what they once got I’m told.

Randy is picking the wrong time to return as talent I would say.  his real strength was in his series Up N Cummers which is long since become stagnant.

Oh and Im told the email link he gave didnt even work…may be fixed by now but if ya have work for him by all means try it.

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