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Raven Alexis- Interview- part 2

Part one is here

 Interview By Cindi Loftus  Photos Courtesy Of Digital Playground ©2010 Xcitement Magazine

X: So when did you sign with Digital Playground?
R: I signed with them in the summer of last year so it’s been a little over a year now. August 2009.

X: You have made quite a big name for yourself in that short amount of time. And you have so much stuff going on I don’t know how you keep track of it all. Being a Digital Playground girl is enough by itself.
R: It is. It’s wonderful. I love being with Digital Playground.

X: So you have a full time job with Digital. The full time job with your website. The job with your clothing line. I don’t know how you do all those jobs. Thank god for your husband.
R: Yes.

X: Maybe you need two husbands though.
R: Well, you know maybe that is one of my secrets. (Laughs)

X: Or maybe a husband and a wife, that would be even better.
R: Maybe there are more people at my house then I let on and maybe that will come out one day.

X: But right now “It’s a secret.”
R: Exactly.

X: We can use that as our catch phrase through out this interview. So who is your favorite Digital Playground girl?
R: Oh my god I can’t chose. We have so many amazing girls right now. And the orgy at the end of Body Heat is coming out this month, and that made it really hard to decide.

X: How was making that movie?
R: It was incredible. People are going to love it. The very last scene is all of us, me, Riley, Kayden, Katsuni, Jesse on the back of a fire truck. I think that is going to go down in history as the most incredible all girl orgy ever.

X: I can’t wait to see it. Well the pictures that are being used to do your cover have you dressed like a fire fighter.
R: That’s perfect.

X: What role do you play in the movie?
R: I play the psychologist. They do a great job of casting me in roles where I feel very comfortable.

X: You look really adorable in the fire fighter outfit. So how did you get to wear that if you are the psychologist?
R: Thank you. It was for the box cover shoot. I love playing dress up. So in every movie I get to wear a bunch of different outfits.

X: So do you think the all girl orgy scene is the best scene you have ever done? Or is there another one that you like better?
R: Well before we did Body Heat, it was the scene in Fly Girls with Manuel Ferrara and Sasha Grey. That was obvious. In my opinion he is one of the top male performers in the industry and of course Sasha is an icon at this point too. So that was amazing and I had a lot of fun with it, so at this point I would say that those two stand out as the best. But it’s funny every time you think you have done the best scene or the best performance then something else comes along that tops it.

X: That’s a pretty good position to be in, huh?
R: Yeah.

X: Digital really does have an amazing group of contract girls. Every single girl is breathtakingly gorgeous.
R: And we are all different and that’s what I love about it. It’s really cool. We all love each other and it’s a great group of girls and I’m really excited to be part of it.

X: So I guess the answer to my question of who is your favorite Digital Playground girl is “it’s a secret”
R: Yes, I love them all. Working with Jesse was a dream come true because she is a true icon of the adult industry.

X: What is the funniest thing that ever happened on a set? Did you ever break any furniture or kick somebody in the head?
R: Yeah, actually for my own website. I was having sex on my desk, and the scene is up on the site if people want to see it. We didn’t cut it, we just let it roll. I have this huge wooden desk in my house where I work, with this huge glass hutch on top of it. We were fucking on the desk and I get a little crazy and very loud and very boisterous when I have sex. So all of a sudden the hutch actually broke free from the desk and it toppled over and I started screaming on camera “Oh Shit!”

X: Did the glass break?
R: Well the glass didn’t break but it fell backwards and put a huge hole in the wall that my husband had to fix. One of my husbands. (Laughs)

X: (cracks up). ONE of your husbands. Was he the one you were having sex with or was it someone else?
R: I was having sex with my husband.

X: Well at least then he can’t get too mad.
R: Right. I told him it was his fault. (Laughs)

X: So far do you have an unfulfilled fantasy?
R: I have a lot of fantasies I’m a dirty girl. I have a huge mask fetish, kind of like Eyes Wide Shut. So eventually I am hoping to do a movie with an Eye’s Wide Shut orgy theme. That would be pretty much at the top of my list as far as fantasies go.

X: That’s a cool fantasy. Plus it would be beautiful with those kinds of masks and costumes.
R: Yeah it would. Very sensual and seductive.

X: So have you talked to the boss about it yet?
R: I’ve made it known.

X: And let me guess who you would cast. Manuel Ferrara.
R: That name does come up a lot.

X: What other guys would you cast?
R: Marcus London,
X: He’s the one with the accent, and the bald head, and muscles.
R: And the tattoos.

X: Oh yea, your perfect type.
R: He’s one of the most recent updates on my site. We did a scene. Manuel Ferrara, Evan Stone, Mick Blue, Tommy Gunn.. I could go on.

X: That is a really good list. I think Marcus London is hot personally.
R: We’re so lucky. There’s a lot of hot guys in the industry.

X: You are lucky because you can say, for next month’s shoot I would like this one and this one.
R: It’s like going to a cock store.

X: You have a rough job, having to fuck all those gorgeous girls and guys. It must get really trying.
R: I get by somehow, I’m not really sure how. (Laughs)

X: I hear you like masturbating too you little perv.
R: I do.

X: Do you like fingers, toys, what’s your favorite?
R: I like fingers. I like toys. I love the new Digital Playground vibrators. I don’t like to put stuff inside me when I masturbate because I like to get off on my clit, ya know? So I love to use vibrators that are really strong on my pussy.

X: I love the DP vibes that are all different designs, they are really pretty.
R: They are beautiful.

X: And the little one on the necklace.
R: Yeah the pendant vibe. It’s very strong I was surprised. The debuted them right before AVN and every time I went to the bathroom I was diddling.

X: You bad girl. What color did you get?
R: Well pink of course.

X: Of course. So if you could have sex with anyone on the planet, porn star, rock star, movie star, who would it be?
R: I want to have sex with Jason Statham so bad that it hurts.

X: Oh my god, I love him!
R: I am in love with him. He would become one of my husbands if he was willing too.

X: You know what he might be too because he seems to like porn stars. His accent is to die for.
R: Did you see the movie The Expendables?

X: No, that’s the new one with all the top guys in it right?
R: Yeah. He’s in it and he’s so hot in that movie. I was literally dripping wet. He throws knives in it. He is the sweet sensitive guy that is looking for love. But he rides motorcycles and he’s so fucking hot in that movie!

X: And that also fits in with your ideal guy.
R: He’s perfect.

X: And he’s funny to top it all off.
R: He’s on my bucket list for sure!

X: We’ll have to find his website or his email and send him this interview when it comes out. Can you imagine if he called you and said can you come over this weekend?
R: I would be there in a heartbeat.

X: Is the movie still in the theaters or on DVD?
R: It’s in theaters.

X: Well you can’t masturbate in the theaters, well yeah, I guess you can.
R: Yeah, you definitely can.

X: So are you admitting that you masturbated in the movie theater?
R: I will admit I touched myself a couple of times.

X: You’re a bad girl. You have good taste in men. You’re a smart business woman. You like to masturbate in public. I like everything about you. I think we could be friends in real life.
R: We could be.
X: So it’s fall. Do the leaves change where you are?
R: Well I live in Las Vegas so there’s not a lot of trees.

X: (Laughs) Does the sand change color? Just kidding.
R: We do have Mount Charleston about an hour outside of Vegas. It’s a ski resort, so you can go in October and all the leaves change and it’s gorgeous.

X: You said you like to dress up. What are you going to be for Halloween?
R: I don’t know. It’s a secret.

X: (Laughs) We’ve got to get that in like five more times. Tell me ten things you can’t live without.
R: First is my Iphone, my computer, a vibrator, a cock at my disposal at all times. I love the gym I go to the gym everyday, so I have to have the gym. I love books. I love reading. I’ve always got books with me wherever I am at. Music, I’ve always got my Itunes going. I’m pretty easy to satisfy. Protein bars. World of Warcraft. A good pair of sweats because I wear sweats all the time.

X: There’s lots of technology on that list. You are a techno geek.
R: I am.

X: One of your fans wanted me to ask you about that. He wanted to know how much of a geek you are in real life.
R: It’s scary how much of a geek I am.

X: Well here is the determining factor. If you have a day off how much time do you spend on a computer or computerized item?
R: Pretty much all day.

X: So there’s our answer. What fetishes do you have?
R: By nature I’m more of a dominate personality. I enjoy being a dom, dominating people especially men. I do switch very rarely, I can be submissive. But usually I’m topping.

X: Where can I see you like that?
R: I did a few scenes for a few years ago. I did a little dominatrix scene in Digital Playground’s Desire. I don’t like to beat people up, it’s more about being in control of the situation and being able to seduce a man and knowing how to take the power into your own hands and I think that is incredibly hot.

X: Something else new and exciting is happening this month I heard.
R: Yes I am starting feature dancing. There will be a lot of appearances. Where in the world is Raven going to be next?
X: It’s a secret!
R: It’s a secret, exactly.

X: Do you have a message for your fans?
R: Just keep watching the movies and check out Body Heat and check out And email me and catch me on twitter and myspace because I answer every single message and I love hearing from people. I’m happy to be making movies for everybody.

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