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Raven Alexis- Turn for the Worse.. But Still Fighting!

Ravishing Raven shot by Holly Randall

Raven Alexis says she has taken a turn for the worse. These last couple days she has been through so much. She had an abscessed tooth pulled, she’s been to the emergency room three times. She’s throwing up, feverish, in tremendous pain, but she’s still fighting! 

Right now she is in the hospital undergoing a stomach operation to try and extend her life. She is scared and needs our love and support. Leave her a comment here or write her on She reads all, and/or it is read to her by her wonderful fiance’ Stephen.

This is the time to step up for someone that has giving so much to the porn world and the real world. Make sure Raven Alexis knows we think she ROCKS!

Oh and FUCK CANCER!!!!!

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