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Re: Maryam Haley aka Haley Paige

Her family writes:

To all of Maryam’s friends and fans:

First off I would like to start this out by thanking everyone who has said such wonderful things about Maryam. When Maryam passed away her family was notified and out of respect we were asked to keep the death private due to the circumstances surrounding the investigation. I don’t neccessarily agree with Ken’s decision to make the pornography community aware of Maryam’s passing , but there is a sense of closure now knowing that her fans, friends and even enemies have the oppourtunity to grieve as well.

I am not here to make accusations or assumptions of what we all believe to be true, I am simply here to show this community that Maryams funeral was a beautiful celebration of life filled with bright colors and her mother by her side.

Many people don’t realize that Maryam was a real person ..she was first a daughter, a grandaughter, a cousin and a friend. At the least she was a celebrity. Many of you only hear the sad stories told about her traumatic childhood, but you aren’t aware that although Maryam had a rough childhood she was deeply loved by her mother. Maryam was an only child to her mother who had her at 40yrs old….Maryam was and still is her life.

When the selfish and mean things are said in regards to Maryam we as a family are aware that these horrible things are not being said of the Maryam we knew they are being said of the character she played…Haley Paige. Preceding Maryams death we as a family became aware of her chosen profession but it was the least of importance to us..we just wish she could have known that .

Maryams funeral was attended by her mothers immediate family including her brothers and sisters and their children .., her father and his wife were also present .It was a small intimate ceremony that included a combination of her Bahai and Catholic faith and was blessed by a traditional indian ceremony conducted by her uncle and her cousin. Maryam’s mother requested that no one wear black to the ceremony beacuase thats not what she would have wanted. It was a beautiful ceremony with the sun shining down and the beat of the drum echoing up to heaven .

I hold onto the memories of Maryam that make me smile and fill my heart with joy…my hope to you her fans and friends is that somewhere in your heart you can do the same . Maryam is at peace and she will forever be home now.

La Familia

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