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Reader responds-“Shelly you fraud, you… mental case”

A reader, Diss-Belief, writes-

This story angers me on so many levels and for so many reasons, so I’ll just touch on a few.

Shelly Lubben is just another con artist that has found out that you can make BIG money in Jesus’ name. (Maybe not yet Shelly, it will come, I can tell, you’ll be very good at this) Charity my ass! Can you say self interested MARKETING? Shelly let’s be honest, these chicks are using you and you are using them and, most importantly and shamefully, you are all using the Bible-Thumping Numb-Skulls willing to donate money to move along their shallow-minded agenda, your “cause”. You are these girl’s meal ticket for the moment and they are yours to help build your “Brand”. And you know full well this is exactly the kind of bullshit the media picks up on and the Christian Automatons get behind! Which makes this all shamelessly easy for you. And that is exactly why you picked this cause. But what is more shameless is that this wreaks of self interest.

There is no altruism here! Like most of these “Christian” scams you are giving nothing without getting something in return. You are USING these girls MORE than Porn ever did. Hey, you’ve launched your career on the backs of these girls who launched their careers on their backs freely and by choice. They were adults that made a choice of which job to take. And in perfectly legal industry as well. No one forced them to enter the Porn industry.  And if they did, there are plenty of laws to cover it. Same goes for if they were mistreated in any way. No, you are “Going After Porn” for your own selfish, self interest and personal benefit.

Maybe someday soon you can count all your money like all the other charlatans in the “Christian Fund Raising Industry” and justify it by saying “Well Jesus would want me to prosper, and gee, look at all the good I’ve done for the world!” Nice racket! At least when you were fucking for a living it was an honest living!

This is a scam, but it is a scam that could hurt more people than it helps. So because you and a few ex “porn stars” have “seller’s remorse” you decide to take it upon yourself to attack an industry? “Porn Is Coming Down” Hey Shelly you fraud, you cognitive dissonant mental case, if you want to do something “good” why don’t you do something to really make a difference for the world?

There’s women in the Congo right now THOUSANDS of them getting BRUTALLY RAPED no make that GANG RAPED, raped by soldiers using it as a weapon of fear and disgrace! They are sometimes even raped with the gun butts or even the live end of the gun and then they pull the trigger while it’s still in the victim’s body! Their genitals are destroyed and their anus cannot contain their feces unless they have reconstructive surgery. They might also be beaten, killed forced to have sex with their male children and the husband is always forced to watch!

Want to do Jesus’ work…. why not work on that?!

How about all the women forced into sexual slavery? The FBI estimates that 700,000 women and children are trafficked  each year! Unicef says it’s 1.75 MILLION In SEXUAL SLAVERY SHELLY!!! Not….. “I took a job and don’t like it so I can whine about it, say how porn is evil, the work of Satan, and get a bunch of Christians with a political agenda to give me money!”

Why don’t you help the SEXUAL SLAVES Shelly?! Did Jesus tell you to help the porn chicks? And your cause is a handful of disgruntled porn workers? That’s your cause?! This is what you expect us to believe Jesus told you to do? Why, because it’s easy for you? Are you serious?  This is what these other shallow, self interested, holier-than-thou Christian, dim-wits are rallying around? To help you drive porn out! This is what you are all about? Thank God For Shelly Lubben! Praise Jesus!

This is your cause? “Pink Cross Foundation was able to give Maddy, former porn actress Michelle Avanti, a baby shower thanks to many of you who donated. Maddy said she was so blessed and thankful so many people cared enough to give her baby supplies and gifts. We were even able to purchase for her a crib and stroller. She is having a baby girl in mid July so there is still time for you to send gifts and supplies in for Maddy. A sincere thank you to those of you who cared enough to donate.” Are you fucking serious? Are you really this shallow? You have dedicated your life to a cause, and THIS is it?

Did you imbeciles ever hear of PROHIBITION? That worked out just great for America! Started by people just like you. Yeah it drove alcohol under ground started organized crime, made the cops and the court system incredibly corrupt until they had no choice but to repeal it! Now, think about this Shelly, If these girls had problems in the Porn Industry while it’s legal, what the fuck do you think would happen to these girls when it is not! Come on Shelly? Can you say “Make the problem worse”? I knew that you could. IDIOT! Yeah great idea, let’s start another “War On Porn” But where then will all the Christian Hypocrites get their fix? Did you know all the “Red States” buy the most porn? Hmmmmm?

Porn is coming down, yeah right, if you couldn’t do it while you had a Born Again Moron in office, I doubt it will happen now. Don’t hold your breath! Before that happens the rapture will and thank God, you and your stupid fucking “Pink Cross” organization will be sucked off the planet! Good riddance!

No, you’ll just use this “cause” to build a “name” for yourself within the “Christian Community” and you’ll get donations….. “this means we can offer tax deductible receipts and are qualified to receive any gifts, properties or transfers YOU want to give us!!” Properties? Transfers? YOU in all caps! Nice touch! Gee Shelly! Seems like you’ve really boned up on the Charitable Donation Business! That statement is about as transparent as glass and says what you are REALLY all about.

Shelly, take a real good look in the mirror, be honest with yourself, go out and get a real job. Don’t worry, Jesus already forgave you for your sins!

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