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Reader’s Q- Bree Olson

A reader writes- Did you catch Opie and Anthony  radio show awhile back? I was listening on Satellite radio, they had Adam and Eve  contract girls on, Bree Olsen and I think Kayden Kross.

I was shocked and I felt sorry for them. They had Bree agreeing to do some random guy off the street in the studio, she was going to have unprotected sex with whatever guy the show interns could get off the street to have sex with her.

Interestingly enough the guys on the street are more discriminating than Ms Olsen is because none of them wanted anything to do with her.

Still she ended up doing some thirty eight year old untested janitor from the station.

Is this how Adam and Eve wants to be known to average America?

Is this the image they want for a high end company that has worked hard to distinguish  itself as being the high class, quality product?

NL-I read the play by play transcript of the radio show. Bree let this guy rub his dick between her tits and cum on them. I don’t know if you consider that “sex” per se, but it certainly isn’t dangerous. Bree is known for being a free spirit and a bit outrageous. I think it makes her more adorable. She recently did a pole dance flashing her naked pussy to the crowd in a regular nightclub ( as in not a strip club), that might be non PC and shocking to some of the club goers, but I think it’s harmless fun, just my opinion. I also think Adam & Eve is one of the best companies out there, they make fantastic couples movies. Bring more “wives” into the idea that watching porn is cool. Overall I think Bree and A& E are a positive influence in the industry.

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