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Readers Q’s- Lucy Lee

I write you from France. I’ve been wondering for a while what about Lucy Lee. I know she’s been in jail for something like a year, I think in Central California Women’s Facilities Chowchilla. But wasn’t she supposed to be set free around last August or something? Do you have any news about her?


From  Lucy Lee is now in jail for a misdeamnor. She was arrested on July 3rd, 2007 at 3AM by LAPD Hollywood Division for a felony ( Vandalism). Lucy Lee was NOT granted bail due to a parole violation apparently.
On August 9, she was assigned permanent housing in the Central California Women’s Facility. Word is she might be spending about a year in jail.

NL-Lucy has a public myspace page that hasn’t been updated since 7.3.7, but she has a private myspace page that was updated yesterday, hmmm. I sent her a friend request. I’ll let you know if she accepts and will talk to me.

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