Ready to go on a “sex island” cruise?

If the prospect of ‘unlimited’ sex and a choice of 60 ‘drug-friendly prostitutes’ appeals to you, then you are certainly ready for a cruise down Sex Island. The controversial four-day sex fest is making a comeback after last year’s edition in Colombia was canceled after sparking outrage in one of the islands in Cartagena. The festival promises “unlimited” drug and booze-fuelled orgies with prostitutes, two Latina women for every man, luxury yacht parties, live sex shows among other sex-related luxuries. Still interested? Prepare some $6,000.

According to the event’s organizers, the event that goes down in a ‘drug-friendly Caribbean island’ is all about unlimited sex, allowing men to swap partners and live their sexual fantasies while partying ‘like a millionaire.’ Last year’s edition sparked fury and critics branded it “disgusting” and “creepy” with some even calling for investigations for possible crimes. YouTube even removed their videos.

Luckily for potential goers, Sex Island is back baby. If you love wasting good champagne on prostitute’s boobs, I’m sure I’ve got your attention now. Organizers from Good Girls Co say they are moving the event to an unnamed location for security purposes. The organizers have moved in to deny claims of human trafficking, insisting the controversial event is legal in the country where it’s held, and all the women involved are of legal age and “do it at their free will.” While the organizers are yet to disclose this year’s location, recent social media posts have the hashtags #Caribbean and #Colombia.

Sex paradise

Event attendees can expect loads of fun and relentless screwing on the high seas. According to Sex Island’s website, the 60 women are there specifically to please men and make them feel like kings. They also added that customers should have no fear of being arrested or deported. Oh, and the women have all been tested and are free of any sexual disease. A ticket to this sex paradise includes meals, alcohol, and an unlimited supply of condoms from December 14-17. People who attended last year’s event were offered 30 minutes alone with 16 women at once!

The full package from the website provides further information, hilarious misspellings included. It says:

The event is in our private island. Enjoy de company of 60 beautiful Latina girls, 2 hot DJ’s streaming the most exciting music all day and night, and a drug-friendly environment. All the girls are here to please you and make you feel like a king, if you have any special fantasy make sure to inform the host, or the girls and they will make sure to bring them to life.

All our girls are tested and free of any sexual disease. There is also a very strict condom policy rule, and of course an unlimited amount of condoms. Party with our girls in our luxury yacht, have fun with jet skis, volleyball court, and of course breathtaking beaches in our sex island.’

Wait a minute, there is more: “Our event allows drug consumption and our girls are also drug-friendly,” continues the website. “Each day we will have incredible sex activities and surprises, and events including parties on our luxury yacht, live sex shows, and more. All meals are included in our trip and prepared by our professional chefs. Free cold beers, vodka, and whiskey are also included. We’ll pick you up from the airport and drop you off once the event concludes (Please let us know your fly itinerary).

Who wouldn’t at least be interested in such an event? There is a catch though; picture taking is prohibited in case the photos end in the wrong hands.

More goodies

Should the men get tired of the relentless screwing and endless guzzling of booze and drugs, they can play volleyball, take a personal watercraft for a spin or relax on the beach at their own pleasure.

Event organizers further promise that each man will get his own air-conditioned villa with “breathtaking” ocean views, chefs, full security staff and daily maid service. However, airfare is not included in the package.

The organizers have released a two-minute promotional video on YouTube that boasts: “Enjoy a wild experience with the most beautiful girls in all Latinoamerica. Don’t miss the chance to live 4 days with all the luxuries of a millionaire.”

Last year’s event was due to be held on a private island off Cartagena, Colombia, but the country’s government blocked it.  The authorities even threatened to deport anyone who set foot on Sex Island adding that organizers had no official permission to operate as a sex tourism holiday.

Unacceptable that they want to sell us as a sexual destination. That is not the tourism we represent,” Local mayor Sergio Londono wrote on Twitter at the time.

Colombia’s interior secretary, Fernando Niño, added that any sex tourism would be banned in the country. “This does not respond to policies against sexual offenses, sexual abuse, pornography and for that reason, we would not give it authorization,” he said last year.

The backlash did little to stop the sex-fueled party. Instead, it was moved to a private island owned by the Sex Island’s founder where an unidentified British pop star performed. In fact, 16 men paid an extra £7,600 each to extend the party to a whole week.


This year’s event promises to be bigger and better. So, ready to go on a “Sex Island” cruise? With all the goodies on offer, sounds like it will be one hell of a party.

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