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Real Boobs? Fake Boobs? What’s your Opinion?

NL-I asked a bunch of people on Twitter what they thought of real boobs vs fake boobs. Here are their answers. The pornstar’s names are attached the others are anonymous.


As a person I’m all about the natural. In that type of industry if getting a boob job helps you…more power to ya!

i think they look funny. Some girls look great and others just look so over the top fake.

 I love my boobs. Had’em 10 yrs! They’re like family now! My boobs were great before, but now they are >>>>!
Natural is best, but the reality that when we age, gravity definitely works makes the op a better option to keep that sexy look.
I also disagree that it makes a woman less feminine or less ‘real’ to have implants.
Although I’m not much turned on by massive implants, if it makes the woman happy, then go for it.
I think if a woman feels like getting a boob job, more power to her. But I like all sizes, natural to implants.

i like natural breasts and i think everyone should be happy with the body they have and dont give into pressure


I was told if I got a boob job, everyone said they would kill me, heard natural is the way to go nowadays
Real is better than fake, so small & real better than big & fake. Obviously big & real is best ? Proportionality is the key!
 after waiting 7 years, getting boobs was the best thing I ever did ?

I only don’t like it if women have no boobs and fake I’d love to get to know a fake pair of boobs boobs and ass rock
I vote no….natural is way better.
small or big,if u do decide 2 enhance,pay the extra $ go 2 som1 reputable. Ive seen som bad boob jobs! civilians&stars,up close!


KyleaKilleen I wouldn’t do saline or silicone – too much too worry about! There are a ton of newer options though for going bigger.

and Kylea was nice enough to write a interesting & factual article on the newest in breast enlargement, and we’re not talking implants here either! Its on my other site LadieZnight.comGoing Bigger- The NEWEST info in Breast Enlargement- No Implants!

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