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Real Doll


Howard said that he was going through a bunch of stuff in his computer that he wanted to play. He said that they found this special about the making of the Real Doll…

He said there’s this documentary about the doll and he wanted to play it on the show. He played one part where this guy talks about living with his parents and buying one of these dolls. He has a name for the doll and talks about how his parents seem to have a problem with his relationship with her. He said that the doll spends about 99.9 percent of her time in his room. At the end of the interview the guy says something about having the place to themselves. Creepy.

Howard played another clip from the documentary where this guy talks about being glad that he doesn’t have to worry about the doll getting pregnant or giving him any disease. Howard told Doug that they have to get that on Howard TV. He said he knows that Doug has been in contact with the guy who made the documentary and they’re trying to get it on HTV.

Howard played another clip where this guy talks about his doll being in need of repair. They talk about how the guy is going to send his doll off for repairs and she’s going to be away for about 3 weeks.

Howard told George that he, Fred and Ronnie all had sex with the Real Doll they had but they only did it once and didn’t go back. He told George that it was just a rubber hole that he used when he got oral from the doll. He got back to the clip where this guy is saying goodbye to his doll that’s going off for repairs. He kisses her goodbye and said that he’s never had anyone to say goodbye to. He gets his doll back a couple weeks later and talks about how she’s new again. He said he tries to date ”organic women” but things don’t work out. He said that he likes more constant things like a doll can give him.

Howard and the guys were looking at some of the dolls and Howard was saying he’d like the legs to be a little bit longer. He played another clip where this guy talks about his multiple dolls who he has names for. He talks about how much he likes a certain doll and then they interview his real girlfriend who is kind of confused by his love of these dolls. The girlfriend is ”introduced” to the dolls and freaks out on the guy. He shows her two but says he has 8 total. The girlfriend sounds shocked that he has eight of them. She asks him if he uses them all. The guy says ”not at one time.” The girlfriend says she needs a beer after finding out all of this stuff. She doesn’t seem to have a problem with it though.

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