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Real Name Leaks Came from AIM says Gawker

NL- I have no problem sourcing you Mike. I gave some of the mainstream reporters your name, lol.

( NL- I can hear Mike chuckling as he looks at this and saying “you smart ass!”)

Looks like Gawker and several others got this story from

Porn Star HIV Test Database Leaked by Adrian Chen of

The patient database of the private health clinic that conducts STD tests for California’s porn industry has been breached, exposing test results and personal details about thousands of current and former porn performers, some of which have been published on a Wikileaks-style website.

Earlier this year, a website called Porn Wikileaks posted a list of what it claimed were the real names of more than 15,000 porn performers past and present, alongside their stage names and dates of birth. This essentially “outed” them to any passing Googler, which caused an uproar in the industry since many porn performers try to keep their real name secret, for obvious reasons. That 15,000 names were on the list was significant, especially considering only about 1,200-1,500 performers are currently working in California’s Porn Valley.

It turns out that many of the names came from a database belonging to the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation (AIM), which conducts the majority of STD tests for the porn industry. (Working straight performers get tested at least once every 28 days.) The porn gossip blogger Mike South first reported the breach after he was contacted by a number of porn performers who said the information posted about them on Porn Wikileaks must have come from AIM’s database. Their proof: They had only used the stage names that were posted on Porn Wikileaks once, when registering for testing at AIM.

One former porn performer we spoke to registered for an HIV test with AIM using a stage name he made up “off the top of my head” when he started in the industry eight years ago—and he never used it again. (He picked a new stage name when he appeared in his first adult video.) But the stage name he gave AIM recently appeared on Porn Wikileaks, linked to his real name. That stage name “was never used, it was never spoken anywhere else. It was written down one time and one time only and that was on the HIV form for AIM,” he said. “Without a question [the leak] came from AIM.”

Mark Spiegler, a well-known porn talent agent, said he also believed much of the information on Porn Wikileaks comes from AIM. “That’s the only place you’re going to find it,” Spiegler said.

But why did this information start showing up on Porn Wikileaks? Members of Porn Wikileaks have made a sport of sorts out of violating porn performers’ privacy, often to avenge some personal slight. Many entries in their massive porn star wiki contain not just performers’ real names, but their addresses, family members’ information, copies of state identification—even Google Maps pictures of their homes. So far, no test results have been posted, probably to avoid violating patient privacy laws. But the forum contains numerous mentions of posting AIM data.

It’s unclear how the information was leaked to Porn Wikileaks, but access to the database is widespread in the porn industry. “Hundreds” of porn producers and directors can access the AIM database using a password and username through a web interface, said Mike South, the blogger. Said another porn insider: “Everyone who has at one point used AIM’s services for a production has access to that database, and I know that people in the past have given out the passwords unscrupulously.”

AIM’s database is a crucial resource for porn producers and directors in Porn Valley, who use it to make sure their performers’ tests are up to date. “For our industry, [AIM] is a company that keeps us as safe as we possibly can be, disease-wise,” said director Lee Roy Meyers.

But news of the breach will undoubtedly shake trust in AIM, which was founded 14 years ago by former porn actress Sharon Mitchell and has frequently been battered by controversy. Just last year, LA County health officials briefly shut down the clinic after it was discovered to be running without a proper license. Also last year, two former porn actresses sued AIM over the very STD test database that has been leaked, arguing it violated California patient privacy law.

When reached for comment, an anonymous Porn Wikileaks administrator didn’t confirm or deny that their information came from AIM:

We purposely encourage people to post as anonymously as possible using proxies and internet cafes when sending leaks so they can not be tracked and this leak came from a anonymous source that can not be tracked. It is possible some names came from AIM but with so many companies who knows. We would also guess that AIM’s database would have a lot more names than what we got but who knows.
When we called AIM’s Sherman Oaks headquarters, AIM spokeswoman Jennifer Miller was meeting with AIM’s lawyers about the leak.

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