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Reality Sex TV!

Believe it or not, the title of this blog post is an actual thing – that thing being a new TV show appearing on Discovery Fit & Health. Did SEX actually send people to the emergency room? I guess we’ll find out! Sexual injuries are maybe more common than one would think; although the ones shown in this preview trailer seem a little forced.

But(t) FUCK reality TV right? We want some GRITTY, eye popping encounters! Like this one!:

OKOK, how about something a little less scripted? lays out some very likely scenarios you could actually find yourself in once your lustful self takes over! From cat attacks to wrongful lubrication (shown above) to heart attacks – sex can be a rocky road to pleasure. It’s one thing to be bad under the sheets… It’s another to be flat out DANGEROUS! ? We here at invite you to be safe this holiday season during sexy time!

Annnnd no injuries!

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