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Rebeca Linares Interview- She has TWO BIG Surprises!

Interview with Rebeca Linares by  Pepe of

Photos by Chris Streams

Hey Rebeca ¿How are you? We are really glad for interviewing you again for, news about are always very welcome in our site

Hey my beloved nasty boy, lol right now I am talking with Marco Banderas about his documental for Canal + TV

You decided make your breasts bigger, I guess it was a very carefully thought-out decision ¿Why does Rebeca Linares make up her’s mind for doing her breasts?

Well, I was thinking in doing it since a long time ago, but I never decide to do it because I could not find a good and professional Doctor for it. It was a very important step for me to tell you the truth I am really happy with my surgery and don’t regret anything for my decision, even thought I am still assimilating the changes in my body, if I was really happy with my boobs before the surgery now I am happier with my new bobbies and prettier as well.

Besides I can flirt with the boys easier, I love to flirt with mature guys, I love guys (40-50) and before doing my boobs they always looked me like a teenager. My Doctor is one of the best doctor with that type of surgeries, he is into the five bests doctors in L.A.

He is a great professional, he took a lot of interest in me, he is a wonderful man that is very famous for the all the works he have done with his patients.

During my visits to his clinic they did a monitoring from my surgery taking the process with a video camara and soon will me showed in some local TV in L.A.  So if you are thinking about a good Surgery call him!! His name is Doctor Tarick Smaili, he is the best!! You can check her wesbsite here:

Taking into account you had gorgeous breasts before the surgery ¿Did you have some fear if you can suffer the same disasters that some porn stars had when they decided doing her breasts and the results were horrible?

Well I never had any doubt about how well my mother made me lol Like mother like daughter. My old breasts were very pretty I missed them a little it was a hard process after the surgery, I have needed an adaptation time but now all I can say I am so happy with them!!!

Obviously is not a comfortable surgery ¿Is the postoperative so hard that other girls say?

Yes is really painful, I remember when suddenly I awoke shivering with a lot of cold and screaming aloud; it hurts!! I can’t breath! You feel like they have filled your breast like a (stuffed) chicken, I felt a lot pressure, I had difficulties for breathing normally, I lost all my strength, I will say that I could not hang my bag when I left the clinic. Marco Banderas was really nice with me and Lisa his wife too, Lisa was my nurse the first days after the surgery, I am really grateful to them. during two weeks I was taking pills for the pain; I spent all day in the sofa and the bed, after those bad weeks I began to massage my boobs carefully I needed to reduce the inflammation . I can’t imagine how hard can be giving birth a baby!!

I guess you have now a lot of tops and bikins that they are useless for nothing, Did Rebeca go out for shopping for buying new outfit for her scenes?

OMG! If I tell you that the 75% of my clothes and lingerie are useless… when I told this to my sister in Spain she got really happy!! You can imagine tons of bras, tops and bikinis only for her now!! I have already bought some new lingerie in L.A. and some good fans gifted to me in the last days, Thank you all!

Is the lingerie very expensive in L.A.?

Yes my good Pepe, here in L.A. they    ……although they are now on sale

¿And what about taking some cañas and tapas? (Typical Spanish food and drink)

Pepe you are a fucking bastard!! Hahaha no tapas and cañas here, I really miss them! Anyways I was dining in my birthdays with some friend in a very good Spanish restaurant where you can eat delicious Paella!!

Since we are talking about L.A, I would like to ask you how are going the things in the business now there. After the last AVNs and before too many people told me that the things were not very good for the porn industry nowadays, Are the thing still the same or are improving now?

Well In summer things use to go slowly, and in my opinion this is the worst years in the porn industry since I was working in it. It’s weird many people works a lot and the rest hardy can get some scene or movie…The next week I am back to the sets for working hard again after my surgery I will let you know how the things are going for me.

I know that many agencies are now walking the tightrope, it seems that there is a tendency to reduce the number of agencies in the business. You were with the Lisa Ann agency?

 Recently I talked with my manager Lisa Ann, for telling her I am totally recovered from my surgery and I got really surprised and sad when Lisa Ann told me that they close the agency in July, In the future I think that only can work normally the girls who work with good agencies that were nor affected for the crisis. I guess the DVD sales are finished in this business, probably in 2012, all the scenes and movies you want to buy will be via internet, internet is the future, in the music industry is happening the same.
Do you have new agency now?
Well I love Lisa a lot, but I had to look for a new one…You can find me now in
Talking about models and agencies, what do you think about the porn stars that are now working in porn valley? Do you think that there is overbooking of new talents? Do you think that this is one the reasons that there is a big crisis in the business?
Well as fast new girls come to the business as fast they leave it, the same thing happens in Spain, now is important that the girl can have a good company for working, many companies are now paying very low prices to the new girls…anyway this is not my case…
Are you in love now Rebeca?
Actually I only have time for working, No boyfriend for now, but I have a lot of suitors, they are trying to make me her girlfriend, but no way…they get mad with me, I told them, I don’t want to break your heart honey, and then they start to be annoying the more I tell them…I don’t want to hurt them! I only want to be free now, men…
Then you are happy with your new boobies? If you are interested in knowing my opinion…I love them….. tell your doctor I invite him for some drinks for the nice job.
I am so happy with my new Bobbies too! No no, don’t invite to my doctor, Invite me Pepe!! haha
Do you feel comfortable with my interview Rebeca?

I feel So comfortable Pepe! This time I had not to repeat as the last time lol, See you soon my nasty boy, call you soon. Tons of Kisses and love.

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