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Red-Head Fans- Another to add to our collection- Faye Reagan (pics)

photos by Ron Harris of

Photographer Ron Harris provided Faye Reagan with her first professional entry into solo scenes, photographing her when she entered the business at the age of 18. Harris said, “Faye shot for me under the name Faye Valentine. I guess I’ll change her name to Faye Reagan on the pictorials and videos she did for when she did her first solos for me, now that she’s chosen to use Reagan as her stage name. . . Faye has a great pair of tits. She’s a pretty girl, full of freckles. I don’t have the opportunity to shoot that many girls with freckles. She had them all over. I was very happy that she had her first on-camera orgasm for our shoot. When you watch the video, she says that in the clip. ‘That was my first real orgasm on camera!’ Faye liked my tooth brush vibrator, as all the girls do.”

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