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Red Light’s Lead Counsel “Sets The Record Straight”

This is Larry Isenberg – I was lead trial counsel for Red Light District at the recent trial between Erik Everhard Entertainment, Inc. and World Red Light District.  I am writing this to “set the record straight,” as I have seen numerous inaccurate statements regarding the recent trial.

First: Erik Everhard did not “prevail on all claims,” despite a quote to that effect attributed to his lawyer, Sean Macias.  In fact, Mr. Everhard prevailed on only 3 of the 15 claims that he alleged in his Complaint, many of which were dismissed by the Court halfway through the case because Plaintiff failed to put on enough evidence even to allow those claims to go to the jury; this included all claims that had been asserted against Mr. Joseph individually.  In addition, the jury rejected Everhard’s request for punitive damages.

Second: Everhard initially sought $639,000 from Red Light District.  By the time trial began, Everhard’s accounting expert, Steven Sills, had revised his damage claim, and testified at trial that Everhard was entitled to $475,000; Red Light District acknowledged that it owed Everhard $52,000.

Third: The jury rejected all of Mr. Sills damage theories and awarded Everhard (1) the $52,000 that Red Light acknowledged it owed; and (2) an additional $89,000.

That is what actually happened at the trial of Erik Everhard Entertainment, Inc. v. World Wide Red Light District.  If anyone has any questions about this, they can e-mail me at [email protected].

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