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Reflections on the XRCO Awards

Sasha Grey posts to ADT:

Perhaps a change of venue would help this event for next year. When they called my name, I didn’t even know what I was winning, because the PA system was so bad I couldn’t make out half the things people were announcing. It took away the element of surprise. So I would like to once again thank every one who contributed in my nomination and winning.I didn’t get to meet NIna Hartley-again. Due to the overwhelming din I lost my chance to say hi, or hey you’re a great inspiration. It kind of pissed me off how the vast majority of the place would continue to carry on random, intoxicated, lucid conversations while she and others spoke-not to forget the hall of famers who were also, imo not given enough light. This event is too classic to be dusted off as a run of the mill award show or extended porn party-which is pretty much what it felt like. I’m all for having a good time, but let’s do that after the awards. Who knows maybe it was the fuzz-they always ruin the tone, of even the most simplest folks’ night. Congratulations to all of the other winners.

Dirty Bob writes:

Sasha: This club was a last-minute replacement for Sinespace which, for reasons we don’t need to get into, no longer fit our needs. REALLY last minute – like a WEEK before! It ended up being to spread out, cramped, and loud. I agree. However, the noice level is the nature of the beast – look what AVN was like – people talking, ignoring the stage. Our profession and variations thereof simply are not capable of sitting, attentively, and giving people the respect they deserve for being nominated and winning.

An apology to Hark Armstrong – who was there to accept a special award for his late better half Anna Malle. This also goes to Anna’s parents. All three of them came in special from out of state, and her parents are pretty elderly…so they had to leave before the award was given as it was getting too late to stay any longer. Sorry, Hank.

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