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Remember Chained Heat? Exploitation Rocks!

My friend Shu runs a horror/explotation site with reviews on books & movies. Here is a short bit of his thoughts on Chained Heat with Linda Blair. I remember watching this movie on late night TV reruns as a teenager, and getting turned on by the shower scene. That was my first inkling that i might like girls, too!

I started out watching Chained Heat, a classic (in my mind) on the sub-genre that is Women in Prison flicks, which is part of the exploitation umbrella that encompasses so many other awesome sub-genres such as Naziploitation, Nunsploitation, Blaxsploitation, etc… Directed by Paul Nicholas, Chained Heat is not only one of my favorite of the Women in Prison movies, but it feels as if it is a grade above the rest in terms of sleaze, violence, action, story, and performances by some well-known names and some not-so-well-known names.
I first saw Chained Heat when I was in either Junior High or a Freshman in High School-my memory is a little hazy as to how old I was exactly, but the circumstances as to how I acquired the craptastic Video Treasures Extended Play edition on VHS were pretty clear. I stole the bad boy from a Kohl’s Department Store in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. There. I did it. I just admitted to a crime I committed as a young, rebellious minor while living in the suburbs of Chicago. It sounds even more suburban because Kohl’s was located in a shopping mall that is not even the same structure and layout presently.

I stole the VHS copy and watched it solely on the prospect of getting a chance to see some very sexy women, such as Sybil Danning, Monique Gabriel, Sharon Hughes, Edy Williams, and Marcia Karr. Honestly, seeing Linda Blair whom I remember so fondly as a young, little girl that gets possessed by a demon and needs an exorcism in The Exorcist naked was not going to be a high-point for me in this movie. I wanted to see it because I was hoping there would be tons of nudity (including full-frontal bush), lesbian shower and prison scenes, violent rape and torture, incredibly over-the-top tough-girl dialogue and multiple prison yard fights with sadistic guards and a warden that was tough as nails and hated everyone and everything. I think that there just summed up about everything that Chained Heat had to offer.

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What is your all time favorite exploitaion/sexy horror flick? I loved The Abductors also…

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