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Remember the Craig’s List Killer? He’s Dead

NL- I did lots of stories on this case. Go here to read them     This is the guy who was in medical school and engaged but had a secret life robbing and killing women he met for sex on Craigslist.


BOSTON (Aug. 17) — A former medical student accused of killing a masseuse he met through Craigslist apparently killed himself inside a Boston jail, where he was awaiting trial, authorities said Sunday.

Philip Markoff’s body was found Sunday morning in the Nashua Street Jail after an apparent suicide, said Ed Geary, a spokesman for the Suffolk County sheriff’s office. Geary said no additional information was immediately available, and an investigation had begun.

Saturday would have been Markoff’s first wedding anniversary, but his nuptials were canceled after his arrest.

Markoff, 24, a former Boston University student, pleaded not guilty in fatal shooting of Julissa Brisman, of New York City, and the armed robbery of a Las Vegas woman. Both crimes happened at Boston hotels within the span of four days in April 2009. Rhode Island prosecutors also accused him of attacking a stripper during the same week.

His trial in the Massachusetts cases was expected in March.

Markoff’s lawyer, John Salsberg, said he was shocked and saddened about his client’s death. He would not comment further.

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