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Remember the Dancer Who was Set on Fire?- Pics

Busby before the attack.      After getting out of the hospital.

1st Pic from, second from an ABC Video

It was two years ago that I started reporting on the Tarzana dancer who was doused in gas by an unknown assailant and set on fire. We found out that the dancer was Roberta Busby a mother of two who worked at Babes & Beer, and the assaliant was Rianne Theriault-Odom. Busby spent months in the hospital and is permanently disfigured by the attack. Odom was eventually convicted and appealed the ruling.

Today, at least some justice was served when the appeals court rejected Odom’s request for a new trial. Odom was sentenced and will serve life in prison for an aggravated mayhem conviction.

Here are some quotes from a story that was posted today-

The justices noted that Theriault-Odom testified that “`everything was really blurry’ because she `was drunk,”’ but found that the testimony is “insufficient to lead a reasonable jury to find that, because of her intoxication, she failed to form the specific intent to maim Busby or cause her extreme pain and suffering.”

At Theriault-Odom’s sentencing last March, the victim said, “There’s nothing I could’ve said to you that night (that) could have warranted the lifetime of pain you have caused my family and I for the rest of my life.”

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