Remembering Sydney Leathers

Do you all remember Anthony Weiner? He is the former congressman from New York who had a promising political career ahead of him when he got busted for supposedly accidentally sending some girl a dick pic on Twitter. At first he denied that it was his member in the photo and that he had even sent it, but sooner rather than later he admitted, it was him. He absconded his office and went off into hiding. A few years later he was running for the coveted office of mayor of New York City when another scandal came out. He had been allegedly sexting a hot lady named Sydney Leathers (presumably not her real name) under the pseudonym Carlos Danger.

Now Carlos Danger is at it again, and it has caused his wife who has remained by his side throughout the first two scandals to leave him, finally. It came out recently that Mr. Weiner was allegedly sexting with someone else and he got caught. The person who he got caught with this time is supposedly a Trump supporter who wanted to get back at the liberal side for being just as down and dirty as any politician.

It’s juicy, but not quite as juicy as the pornstar wannabe we remember so well as Sydney Leathers. I like to think about her from time to time just because she is so hot and an interesting character. Let’s take this time to all collectively think about her. Sydney was an Obama fanatic and funny girl on Twitter before all this happened. When the scandal broke, some of her friends told news outlets that she had been talking about sexting with Anthony Weiner, and that Ms. Leathers had always wanted fame. However, other news outlets who had interviewed Ms. Leathers said that she was really in love with Mr. Weiner!

Soon after the scandal broke, Sydney became a pornstar. At first she just starred in a feature film with Xander Corvus that was a parody on the real life events that had happened to her, only, it took things a step further. The movie is a hot one, and it did put Ms. Leathers on the map. You can find it on Vivid Celeb, and it’s called Weiner and Me. Since then Ms. Leathers has made some other movies, mostly with Naughty America.

The 5 foot 6 inch tall beauty has brown hair and she looks great on the other end of a cock in a hardcore fuck film. The cool thing is, she’s kind of a celebrity, but also kind of not. It’s good that she has realized her true worth in the world is to star in hot porn movies.

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