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Response To James DiGiorgio

Joe writes: “Luke, I have no intention to involve you in a cockfight, or turn your website into a battle ground with the likes of James DiGiorgio. However, I feel compelled to respond him for the last time. During the time I’ve worked in the adult industry, I’ve seen so many people blaming their fuckedupness, lack of talent, and failures on porn: I was burnt by porn, porn shattered my life, porn turned me into a fuckedup, drug junkie scumbag, etc. But I believe as much as the porn industry can, and will contribute to emotional and spiritual corruption, but still industries don’t make people. People make themselves. Therefore, If you can’t keep track of what you have done and who you have worked for and how many volumes of what you have shot for who, then brother, that’s not porn time, that’s just you, and what you are: an unrelieable moron who needs to either check his facts before posting on a public website, or keep his mouth shut, and seek treatment for Attention Deficit Disorder. Or, maybe you know what’s going on in Anarchy Films and with Ovadia family, and you’re just laying to your teeth to secure your daily bread. You make a living by filming people fuck, you’re a camera man for hire, you need people like Guy and Oren Ovadia to earn your bread and pay your bills. You gotta do what you gotta do; but that doesn’t make you that much of a man, or that much of anything, for that matter. The best thing you have to do, is to take your life and career into re-consideration. Then  you may no longer need to bust your ass for lying thieves like the Ovadias who don’t give two fucks about anybody and anything. That way, you can even look at yourself in the mirror again.”

James DiGiorgio responds: “Wow! Is this guy bitter or what? I should re-evaluate my life because I can’t remember how many volumes of some porn title I’ve shot? Or because I mentioned that, despite the problems others say they may have had with a company, I mention that I’ve never had those problems with them? Hehehehehe… And all that rhetoric about shattered lives and being burnt by porn and all that stuff? And I’m the one who needs to re-evaluate? LOL!!!!!”

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