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Richard Mann Drama

UPDATE: Richard Mann aka Richard Cook (picture) emails me (from this address, [email protected]) Friday afternoon: “The rumors are not true, Richard Mann is very much alive and well.someone hacked my account late last night and i awoke to a ton of phone calls and when i looked on my board i had a ton of posts. i’m in the process of deleting them now.”

The black porn star’s Yahoo address sent the following to the people on his Yahoo messenger list:  “Thank You All For Your Love and Support…The End Is Near, And There is Nothing No One Can Do To Stop It…It Hurts soo Bad Being Me, I can’t Take It Anymore. It Will All Be Over Soon and It Will Be Painless….I’m scared shitlessI Don’t Want to Do This, But I Have No Other Options. Thank You ALL..Let It Be Known That I LOVED my Children more than anything on this earth – Richard Cook 3/5/1966 – 8/23/2007”

His email is: [email protected] His Yahoo blog is here. His Yahoo group is here.

On June 14, 2007, Richard Mann (born in 1966) blogs about hearing from Lexington Steele:

…I answer and to my surprise it was Lex. we talked some about the company i signed with and he asked if we could do lunch when I got done shooting on Sat.. Can you believe that? Lex wants to have lunch with me. WOW, thats a big deal to me. I’ll let you all know how it goes..This all has got to be a dream. I know i’m going to wake up and its going to be 2001 again, im going to be stuck in my bad marriage wishing I had the guts to leave. I just know it. can someone pinch me so I can know if this is all real or not? im totally serious. I spent years wish I was not me, cusssing about how fucked my life is and asking why nice guys always finish last. thank you all for believing in me when i barely believed in myself. When i make it big we ALL are going to party like its 1999, just watch…dont wake me up till the party is over now.

Richard wrote September 8, 2005: “Lexington Steele is my HERO in the industry, not only because he dicking them down right but because he is a business man and he is doing BIG thangs all over the world.”

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