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Richard Monfort Memorial Service Info

Memorial Services for Director Richard Monfort
(Canoga Park, CA)  The recent loss of Richard Monfort, also known as Richard de Montfort, has left his friends and fans devastated. A directorial fixture at Hustler Video, Monfort spent many of his last days at the LFP Studios working on various projects. Not only was he an exciting and vibrant pornographer, but he was a prolific photographer and trusted and loyal friend to everyone at Hustler Video.
“It was hard news to take,” says Creative Director Drew Rosenfeld. “He wasn’t just a director, he was a good friend and I will miss him terribly. Richard always had these fun and crazy ideas. He was so passionate about everything he did.” His death came as a shock to many in the porn industry. “There were so many layers to Richard that many people didn’t know about,” says Carin Misterly, Marketing Associate. “He was a very intelligent and well-versed man. I am going to miss his visits to our offices. I was always anxious to hear what he planned to do next.”
Memorial services will be held for Richard at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills Cemetery, in the chapel, this Saturday, July 18, at 9:30 a.m.
“Richard Monfort should be remembered for his creativity and love for this industry,” says Rosenfeld. “We were lucky to have the opportunity to share this time with him and work with him. He will be greatly missed.”
It has been asked for all who attend to bring flowers for the service.
The official memorial information is as follows:
Saturday, July 18 @ 9:30 a.m.
Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills
(inside the church)
6300 Forest Lawn Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90068

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