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Rick Madrid Threatens to Kill People-Wow

UPDATE- I have now reported this to the LAPD, and talked to Dan & Jim who are both fine. They are also talking to the police.

NL-This is very scary. Is this Rick guy joking? Since I don’t know him I have no idea. I’m going to forward this to all involved in case they take this seriously and want to call the police. Porno Dan and Jim Lane, please let me know that you have read this. I will try to get in touch with you right now.



****** attention you all in PornLand (SFV), California. I Rick Madrid will probabaly either be in the Los Angeles County Jail and dead By Cop after killing Mr Porno Dan Leal and Jim Lane of Imortal Productions. Mr Leal had leaked information regarding TTS testing to Dirty and putting a very inflammatory Article on (Gene Ross’s Website) July 21, 2010 putting my picture from Jim South’s World Modeling on this article along with other’s and exposing my Railroad Injury Settlement case info to reading public and fucked my case up which was a potential settlement 3.5 million for a Federal case and Disscussing my private conversation with Mr. Leal at a Party for Tommy Gunn and then denying the Article was done by him ,but by Rocker. Gene Ross supplied me the Email address it was sent after a Porn fan back East had emailed me that this had taken place. And then putting my pictures and Profile work info on that is owned by JM production(jim Lane), and exposing my Mother who is dying of Cancer right now in the holiday season. This has cost me alot of work because of his actions and I have no other recourse but to do what I’m going to do this morning. My family is very upset with this asshole and I have found out they both have access to TTS and formely AIM testing website data. Know body in this industry is going to do anything about this dangerous circumstances and I have know choice because of my kids safety but eliminate this piece of shit. Thanks to all my former co-workers and people I have worked with and around in this fun and amazing industry and Sorry to the ones I have “hurt”. exposing this info for. Take care, Rick Madrid.

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