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Rick Masters Returns?

Or is it Kenny Knoll posting on XPT:

Last week that little rat Scott Lyons called child services and told them Brandi was an unfit mother and was out being a tweaker whore and shooting porn. Brandi had to rush home from a shoot to take care of the drama that this little bitch Scott Lyons caused.

Anyone who has seen Brandi knows that she is looking great and has put on a few healthy pounds and doesn’t look like a tweaker like Scott does. Whose the unfit parent here Scott?? You’d probably let Skeeter Kerkove babysit your daughter, thats how great of a dad you are.

If I ever see you Scott Im gonna slap you like the little skinny bitch you are! Brandi has her life straight now and is going strong with real man and veteran star Rick Masters so sorry Scott, you had your chance!

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