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Rick’s Cabaret New York Girl Shares Fond Memory of CHYNA

I was a big wrestling fan, watching Chyna win match after match on TV—she was great and I always rooted for her. A few years later I was dancing at Rick’s Cabaret in New York—that’s a high class gentlemen’s club, and I enjoy my time here.

Anyway, one night there was a party for Chyna Joanie Laurer. Apparently she had made an adult film for Vivid Entertainment and she was going to do a meet and greet with her fans and give away and autograph some copies of her DVD.

I was anxious to meet her, but a little hesitant at first. I had read some bad things about what was going on in her life in the years since she left wrestling. There were some rumors that she wasn’t doing too well.

But I was hoping that the rumors weren’t true. I wanted to meet the Chyna who was a symbol of strength when she was in the ring. What condition would she be in?

I was one of the Rick’s girl chosen to be pose for photos with Chyna—the press was invited for a quick photo op. Just before we met the press the girls and I were introduced to Chyna and she was so gracious and friendly.

She thanked us for helping her promote her movie and told us that we were all so beautiful. She was so friendly. She was nice, she was warm. I told her that I was her fan, and she embraced me. She told me that she had fun in the ring and was truly happy that I complimented her.

It was Chyna, but it was also Joanie, the real person. I will remember her for being even better in person than she was when I watched her on TV.

Thank you Chyna for entertaining me when you were in the ring, and for being so sweet when we met in person. You called me beautiful, and you were certainly beautiful, too.

Rick’s Cabaret New York Girl



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