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Ricky D Interview

I call Ricky Sunday night.

Luke: “When did you get into the industry?”

Ricky: “In 2003. I started when I was 18. I got in with Extreme. I did webmastering and editing for them.”

Luke: “What do you love and hate about being a part of this industry?”

Ricky: “I love the money. I love the vibes that you have on set. Sometimes you meet some cool people. There aren’t too many negatives other than dealing with getting your money but everybody has problems with that.”

Luke: “Have you lost any friends because of your decision to get into this industry?”

Ricky: “No. My friends are supportive. They ask for DVDs and s—. Family’s fine with it. They’re Jewish. We just want to make some money. It’s all about the money.”

Luke: “Will you be going to the synagogue for the High Holy Days?”

Ricky: “No. I don’t practice like that.”

Luke: “How has it affected your love life?”

Ricky: “You get a little jaded. The normal dude who saw titties on TV would get a boner. Nothing like that turns me on. I could see naked women all day and none of that turns me on. I am jaded but my personal sex life is fine.”

Luke: “How would you compare having sex with porn girls to having sex with regular girls?”

Ricky: “In private, industry girls are the same. There are civilian girls that do anal as well.”

Luke: “When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?”

Ricky: “I wanted to be an entrepreneur. It didn’t matter what business, as long as I was making money.”

“I grew up in Hollywood. I went to high school in downtown L.A. It was a medical magnet school in the middle of the ghetto. I didn’t want to go to Hollywood High.”

Luke: “What crowd did you hang out with?”

Ricky: “Stoners.”

Luke: “How are the movies you direct different from the 10,000 other movies out there?”

Ricky: “In my movies, you’ll get more reality from the girls. The girls are more open on my sets because I’m closer to their age. I consider my movies cleaner. You don’t see lights and wires in the shot. What I really want to do is music videos, so I try to see my movies as music videos.”

Luke: “What did you part ways with Anabolic?”

Ricky: “I didn’t like the way things were run there. I was at Diabolic for two-and-a-half years and didn’t have one problem. I switched to Anabolic when the companies split. Things just didn’t run smoothly at Anabolic.

“It had nothing to do with the money. It had to do with scheduling. I didn’t know what was coming out and when.”

Luke: “Can you go back to Diabolic?”

Ricky: “No. He has a new crew of directors. He’s going towards the Zero Tolerance style. You can tell by the boxes. The hard lighting. More dramatic. It looks almost featurish.”

Here is Roger Pipe’s interview with Ricky D.

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