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Ricky Johnson is a bad breaker upper #KendraSpadeWins

I normally stay away from stuff like this. But, with my days numbered due to Jessy Jones $500 hitman, I screamed YOLO and opened up my WordPress

So Kendra and Ricky didn’t live happily ever after, they broke up and that should of been that. But it wasn’t

According to Kendras twitter timeline, Ricky jacked some scenes, loaded them to Pornhub and is collecting the cash

Kendra says no paperwork, Ricky says there is paperwork. Contrary to social media reports, Ricky does not have any paperwork

Kendra filed with Porn Hub, and when Ricky couldn’t produce the paperwork, the scenes were pulled.

If there was in fact paperwork, the scenes would be up, I wouldn’t be typing and Jessys hitman wouldn’t have a clear shot at me sitting on my porch

There’s a lesson in all this, rarely do porn relationships work out.. No matter how much you think you love the other person, get the paperwork In order

If I ever start dating Michelle from FSC and she’s like TRPWL, lick my butthole while I pretend you’re Steven Seagal, I’ll be like hold up there Michelle, sign right here. I may start an only fans like a Cardi B and don’t want TRPWL writing about me being a bad breaker upper


Let Kendra keep the iPad, how else is she gonna watch me get shot by Jesse Jones’s new shotgun

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