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Riding the cowboy like a pro

Who doens’t want to ride a guy like a pro? Well Cosmo apparently offers their readers some advice.

My boyfriend would like me to be on top, but I’m not sure how to do it. What’s so great about this position, and how can I master it? (source)


Your guy probably wants it because he’ll get to see you in all your full-frontal glory, a major turn-on for any hot-blooded male. Plus, since he’ll have a limited range of motion, he’s likely to last longer, too. But there are also some sexy advantages for you. This position puts you in control of the pace, motion and depth of penetration, so you can get the kind of stimulation you need to send you over the edge.

To assume the woman-on-top position, have your guy lie on his back and straddle him with your knees on either side of his hips. Or, if you prefer, you can squat over him with your feet flat on the mattress. Tease him before he enters you by slowly running your fingers down his chest to his shaft and stroking his member till it’s good ‘n’ hard. Then, with one hand on the bed or his chest for support, hold the base of his penis with your other hand and slowly lower yourself onto him.

Start moving up and down to build momentum. Or, you can rest your torso on his and sensuously grind him from side to side or in circles. But just because you’re in the driver’s seat, that doesn’t mean you have to do all the work. To keep from tuckering out, have him wrap his hands around your hips and help you gyrate.

For a truly titillating experience, ask your guy to stimulate your breasts, belly and clitoris as you’re riding him. If being up in the saddle makes you feel a little overexposed, pull his shoulders toward you so you’re both sitting face-to-face, with your legs wrapped around each other, and rock back and forth. Not only is this pose less revealing, it puts you in a primo position for smooching. Another stance that gives you maximum G-spot: Have him lie back, then swivel around and straddle him so you’re facing his feet, leaning slightly forward.

No matter what adjustments need to be made, keep this you-on-top tip in mind: If he pops out at any point, just put him back in and resume the action. But avoid thrusting too forcefully, or you could bend his penis, which can result in a serious injury.

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